Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my walk

I generally hate walking, but I love my walks home from the bus stop when the weather is nice like it was today. It's only four blocks and I feel so refreshed and joyous by the time it's done. I feel so connected to nature. I love the trees, I love the wind rushing through the wind chimes, I love the sky and the sun and the fresh air.

Today, I took some pictures on my walk (actually I retraced my steps because I didn't have my camera coming home from school). Here are some of them. Even though some of them probably could do with a little editing, they're all SOOC because soy muy perezosa. ;)

...And my camera battery ran out of battery shortly after that. :D



  1. I love nature and outside when its like that, but here in Kansas there is snow but its all gross and dirty. I love the 4th photo.

  2. Uhh I wish where I live in Canada it had weather like yours. It's freezing!

  3. I LOVE your nature photos, ESPECIALLY the tree one! I have a "thing" for trees!!! :D


  4. Beautiful pictures, I especially like the first one with the tree branches!
    I generally like going on walks, unless it's negative digress, which it currently is. :P


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