Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my desk

So today, since I'm bored, I'm going to show you some changes (by which I mean, cleaning) that I made to my desk area. It's actually orderly now! Imagine that!

So, now there is a place for everything. Starting from the top left, and then going down: my Nintendo DS/games/stationary, random cat figurines, camera stuff (this is where I keep my camera, too, but I was kind of using it in this picture...;P), dictionaries/paper. Then I have my calculator and agenda. Now on the other side, at the top: books, all my school stuff (divided into A and B days) and my Odyssey book. Whew.

Oh, and that thing in the middle is my newest project. It's like my own kind of an inspiration board, where I tack up cool photos or things I've made in art. I'll probably switch things out once a month, or whenever I get tired of looking at it. XD

(You can click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see everything. Sorry they're kind of blurry. :/)

So in other news, I've been taking a lot of food photos so you can be sure that will be a post on here real soon. What can I say? Food photography is just so addicting! And since the sun has finally come out of hiding (at least for now), it's so much easier with the natural light. Anyway. More of my rants on that later.


P.S. Thanks for 20 followers. (Yes, I will keep saying this every 5 followers. XD)


  1. Cool! I wish MY desk were that orderly, but I need shelves on it to hold all my "inspirational" items! I too, have a bulletin board, but I keep stuff on there until months later, when I finally remember I have it! Yup, I would pay more attention to it and all, but I do all of my homework in the living room, or my mom's bedroom. I kind of forget I have a desk because all my furniture is white, but my desk is an ugly dark brown. :D


    P.S. Sorry for boring you with my comment rants!!! <:)

  2. Your desk is lovely--mine is really basic and I'm longing for some shelves. During the warmer months it faces out my window and blocks my radiator, but in winter I have to move it.
    Inspiration boards are so cool--I'm working on one currently.

  3. I like your desk it's so neat and orginized (unlike mine)!!
    P.S. I was wondering if you could add my blog to your favourite blogs page? My blog is www.caelen12.blogspot.com It's a blog about AG dolls oh and ME!!!!!!


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