Sunday, January 16, 2011

my "people" photo

I've decided to enter Carlotta's photo challenge (click to check it out) where the theme this time is "people". I don't usually take a lot of pictures of people because everyone in my family seems to hate having their photo taken, and besides just the same people get old after a while. But I was looking through my folders for something to enter and I remembered this one.

It's of my youngest sister, and it was taken about a year ago in San Francisco. I just love her eyes, how she's looking off into the distance, and her smile, how her teeth were still coming in and she how mischievous she looks. I like the sepia tone, too. It amazes me how much younger she looks here as opposed to now.



  1. Love the expression! I'm in the challenge too!

  2. Oh Happiness! You caught it in this picture


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