Thursday, January 06, 2011

thoughts of the day

one. I've decided to call all my posts that don't have a specific topic "thoughts of the day" and to separate each "thought" in a numbered list, because I like order. :) if you have a better idea for a name, let me know.

two. I just organized my favorite blogs into a list which can be seen by clicking here or just clicking on the page name conveniently titled "My Favorite Blogs". They're all really interesting and inspiring so you should be sure to check them out! They're mostly photography/art-centered sites. If you have any suggestions of blogs I should read be sure and tell me, because I love finding new blogs! :D

three. My sister got Taylor Swift's new (okay, two month old) album, Speak Now, for Christmas, so of course all of those songs are now stuck in my head. I'm not really complaining, though, because I honestly think this is my favorite of all her CD's. Innocent and Never Grow Up are probably my favorite songs, because they are so bittersweet and because I find them easy to relate to and not just about love like so many other songs are. I also like Long Live and Enchanted because I like the fantasy aspect. I'm weird. :P

four. This school week has been so long, even though it's only been three days. Today was better; we had club pictures for Newspaper which killed time, in Algebra everyone was very giggly, and we got to paint in Art. :) One more day until the weekend--it is sad I'm counting down, isn't it? Well, I always do this.

five. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to three of my dear cousins (they are triplets). I know they sometimes read this so if you are, hope your birthday was super fun! :D



    1. If this was Facebook, I'd wish for a love button for your blog :)

    2. Omg! you mentioned us! I can now die happy XD


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