Monday, January 24, 2011


idea shamelessly taken from carlotta

confession: I've had a headache since I got home from school today. Now, this may shock some of you but I'm going to say it anyway: I hate headaches. >.<

confession: I can't swallow pills. Like, I just can't. I don't like them. Which isn't good when I have a headache, like now.

confession: Instead of working on my Spanish project, I painted my nails. They look really bright and pretty now...but my project isn't any closer to being done. Sadness.

confession: I spend way too much time on the computer. I do. It's bad. And it's a probable cause of the headache.

confession: I think high school was intended to steal your soul.

confession: I stress out over things more than I need to. Too often I need to stop and remind myself that it will be okay. It's not a big deal. It will be fine. All's well ends well. <---That reminds me of Shakespeare and a Midsummer Night's Dream. I like that play because it has fairies and it takes place in the forest. The movie is cool too, but also weird.

confession: My mind does go off on odd tangents like that all the time. Tell me I'm normal. Or not. It doesn't make a difference....

confession: I really want to read my NaNoWriMo story. I haven't looked at it since November 30th, the day I finished it, but I'm planning on reading it January 30th. What day is that? Sunday? Oh, goody. I can't wait. (I just know it's going to be terrible.)

confession: I have a really odd question. What is your favorite number? Mine is 11, though I also love 4 and 19. I used to love 12 but I'm kind of over that now. It changes. But it really annoys me when people say "7" because like 7 is everyone's favorite number so I think that's sort of lame. So, yeah. Favorite numbers, anyone?



  1. 13 is my favorite number :)
    Also, don't worry about the pill thing. I can't swallow them either. Which isn't very good because I get sick an awful lot in the winter >.<

  2. Thirteen is my favourite number. And I can't swallow pills happily, I gag and cry and spit saliva out until the taste is banished from my mouth... Gotta love liquid ibuprofen :)

  3. 23 is my favorite number, mostly because I was born on the 23 of a summer month... and I HATE swallowing pills! I can't do it! Middle school is probably also invented to steal one's soul! I too, have a book report to do right now, but instead I'm on blogger. Shocker. I practically LIVE in my computer chair!!! :D


    P.S. And for the "tell me if I'm normal" thing, it's good to be an individual. Your normal is possibly someone else's consideration of weird, so I don't think you are normal! You are only normal for yourself and people whom you are close to. :) I made that saying up myself in fifth grade. :D

  4. My favorite number is 8 I have know idea why, I just like it , and its my lucky number.

  5. I can't swallow pills either - I had to take one a day for six days when I had this awful cough once, and I had to end up grinding it into my nightly smoothie (it was so awful words cannot describe it).

    My favorite number would have to be...23. I have no idea why. It shows up at random, small points in my life. :D

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  7. Oh my gosh, I hate headaches with a passion. I just had a really bad migraine the other day, but that's probably because I studied for about six hours straight. :P
    I'm the same way with pills, it took me years to be able to swallow one. Just in the past month I've started swallowing vitamins. So proud of myself, haha! It's just weird and unnatural, it feels like I'm going to choke, but it's never happened, luckily.
    Yay for procrastination! I'm terrible with putting off things, and I spend way too much time on the computer as well. And high school was most definitely designed to steal souls. :P
    I do the same exact thing. I have so many second thoughts, it's ridiculous. I agonize over every little detail and it drives me insane. I literally have to physically shake my head and say 'it's done, it's over, move on, don't think about it.'. :P It works, for the most part.
    Haha, we're very alike! I go off on random ramblings all the time. I'll be having a conversation, and it will remind me of something, and I'll just start talking about it and everyone will look at my funny. Being normal is overrated. ;)
    NaNoWriMo! I don't know how people do that. I couldn't write that much in one month if I tried, let alone anything that was actually good. I'm sure your story is great.
    My favorite number? 16 - It was the number on my first soccer jersey ages ago. I like 13, since it's supposed to be unlucky and all, but really good things tend to happen to me on Friday the 13th. And 6, just because I'm a math nerd. It's a 'perfect number' - meaning 1, 2, and 3 are its divisors, and 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. 6 is equal to half the sum of all its positive divisors: (1+2+3+6)/2 = 6.



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