Saturday, January 01, 2011

...and a happy new year!

Happy New Year, everybody! Welcome to 2011! That's going to take some getting used to.

Here are my new year's resolutions:

1. write more & become a better writer
2. learn more about photography & become a better photographer
3. smile more
4. do more things for myself (like cooking)
5. practice guitar more
6. just be happy! :)
7. continue to blog on this thing

So, yeah. In lieu of this last item (and the second one, too, kind of) here are some pictures from my trip. I actually took 500+ pictures and--get this--49 of them remained. I am a horrendous deleter, to say the least. But um, enjoy! All of them are SOOC because I am too lazy to do any editing right now.

Yes, that cat is my grandparents' kitty. She is so sweet but also still very scared. She hides a lot so I joked we should name her Heidi. ^_^

Hope 2011 is a great year for you! :D Thanks for 11 followers on the first day of '11! Pretty nifty, eh?



  1. Those pictures are great! Seriously, they don't need any editing at all. The one of the tree decoration, the first photograph, is probably my favourite because it's so bright and vivid.

  2. I love all of the photos, they're beautiful! :) Being the Harry Potter nerd I am, my favorite is the Maurader's Map. The depth of field is very nice. Misty is adorable!
    Happy new year!

  3. cutest. cat. ever.

  4. *I totally spelled Marauders Map wrong. :P I do that all the time. Not that I write it out that often... haha!

  5. Your pictures are amazing!!! Also really creative, I love the picture of the sunset. I am in awe at how beautiful it is! You definitely have skill. ;)
    Hope you had a great New Year, I was at a church dance when the "count down" began. It was super fun!


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