Sunday, January 01, 2012

a new year

Happy New Year! Here I shall post my resolutions, which are ongoing, and goals, which are more concrete things I want to accomplish this year.

-Worry less
-Be a better friend/do more things with friends
-Spend less time gathering inspiration (i.e. procrastinating) and more time actually working & creating
-Exercise more often (running?) (everyone and their dog makes this resolution but whatever)
-Just...I don't know, live. Have fun.

-Learn how to shoot film (my aunt gave me her old film camera for Christmas so now I just need film and...knowledge. Yippee!)
-Get my driver's permit finally
-Become better at drawing and painting
-Be vegan for a week
-Make my room awesomer (which is totes a word)

I'm hooooome. I spent part of my New Year's Eve in Las Vegas (not as fun as it sounds), trying to pick up free WiFi and watching my dad lose money on slot machines. We pulled into the driveway literally at midnight, in time to see my neighbors set off fireworks, and then we opened the remainder of the presents which I found quite satisfactory indeed. Chocolate! Then I slept for like nine hours and woke up and ate pancakes and why I am telling you all of this?

Vacation picture spam will probably begin tomorrow.


  1. i don't know why you told us all of that but it was quite funny. love the photo! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. totes is totes my fav word this year.

  3. Be vegan forever! Just kidding, but I'll totally make you something delicious whenever you decide to do this week of veganism.

  4. how you make me grin. "gathering inspiration" is like one of the biggest cobwebs Mr. Procrastinator spins for us girls. too bad knowing this doesn't keep me untangled.


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