Monday, January 16, 2012

i ♥ three day weekends

On Saturday I went to some thrift stores just to look around. Vintage clothing stores are cool, but what I really like are the ones that house all sorts of old-fashioned nick-nacks. It's like stepping back into time, almost, which is a really cliche thing to say but it's also true.

picture actually taken at anthro at while ago. but it fit.

I love walking around and discovering all sorts of treasures. Among other things, I saw: globes, many of which I could tell were old because they still said "Yugoslavia"; typewriters; a Polaroid camera that I admired for a while but didn't end up getting because I couldn't justify getting another (film) camera so soon after receiving one; lots of other old cameras; rotary telephones in every color of the rainbow; a plethora of fantastic ugly sweaters; many cat figurines that reminded me of the room I always stay in at my grandpa's house; records, 8 tracks, 45s; the occasional turntable; vintage Valentines and greeting cards.

One of the stores also had this sizable collection of random old photographs dating back to the sixties and probably before. I thought about how strange it might be to be browsing there and see yourself or someone you know in a picture. A lot of them looked similar to ones I'd seen of my parents when they were little, with that same faded nostalgic feel of film.

I ending up getting a National Geographic from July 1955 because it's in great condition and has really cool pictures and ads and it's just really awesome overall.

Then my dad got coffee and I got iced tea and I had somewhat of an epiphany, which is that I don't actually like iced tea very much. It's okay, I guess, but I don't know why I always order it. Probably because everything else on the menu is scary sounding. I like hot tea, but the iced version just doesn't do it for me. I'm going to try something new next time. The rest of the day consisted of going to my sister's basketball game and going out for Chinese food for dinner. When I got home for the night I decided to start watching Downton Abbey from the first season. I'm very glad I did. I watched the first four episodes in two nights and I plan on keeping that up.

The best part about Sunday was getting frozen yogurt and watching TV.

And today? It's really overcast and gray out and I'm still in my pajamas. There is some leftover homework I must attend to, but I think it's going to be a pretty lazy day.


  1. Iced tea? Ugh. I tried it in Canada and my mum sometimes buys it to take to work on her night shifts, but I think it's kinda manky.
    But thrift stores/vintage shops are ace. I love peeking around at treasures and building up stories about the people that owned them.

  2. Ohhhh, you like Downton Abbey too? I just started watching it with my mom!

    Stopping by from Fernweh!



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