Saturday, January 14, 2012

candles and fairies and kites

These are some of what is contained within this post. (Also a creek and a cat who kept following us around.) My friends Claudia and Mayrose came over last weekend for a photo shoot thing. (I know, last weekend. I can never post anything on time, much to the distress of SOME PEOPLE.) The clothes and the candles are courtesy of Claudia (unintentional alliteration!). She has lovely taste in that sort of thing. (They also both have quite a talent for making faces, but unfortunately for you, you do not get to see those pictures. Right now.) Anyway. Here are some of pictures. There are a lot, and this isn't even all of them.

Don't worry, Claudia's not dead. And we didn't light the candles. If we did my house would probably be nothing but a pile of ashes right now! Okay, maybe not.

Also, I lied. We did light the candles for a little bit. But nothing else caught on fire. I think things not catching on fire is a sign of a successful shoot, am I right?

These next ones are probably my favorite, because of the lighting and soft focus and the general dreaminess I guess. It's like woodland fairies celebrating a sunny winter day! It was really warm that day.

Then we went up to the track and flew a kite.

Fun fun fun. Thank y'all for being lovely models!


  1. they seriously look like fairies! love it :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Love these. Photo shoots are the best, aren't they? These are so awesome, I love the lighting.


  4. These are so lovely!! The light is absolutely gorgeooooous! My favorites are probably that one of Mayrose sitting down, the one with her and the candle, the one with the leaves in my hair, the third from the bottom and that one of me by the treeee! Thank you so much. And if you ever need a model again..... :D

  5. these are beautiful! you're friends are such good models.

  6. Lovely photos! And your friends are so pretty.

  7. Beautiful photos of two lovely girls!


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