Sunday, January 08, 2012

holidays, part ii.

This is the second part of my trip, which takes place in Truckee, California.

Yeah, remember when I said there was no snow? I lied. There was a leeetle bit of snow. Patches here and there. Not enough for proper sledding or snow-shoeing, though.

We went on a walk around the lake one morning.

I also spent a lot of time indoors, reading, playing Scrabble, eating (mmm cookies!) know, the usual.

Le fin.

OKAY YAY that's over. It took me way too long to draft this. Now my eyes are going buggy.


  1. nice pictures!!(: those cookies make me HUNGRY!!

  2. This looks like such a fun holiday, all family-ish and stuff. And mountains.
    I have never seen a mountain in real life!

  3. it looked like you had a fun holiday! scrabble is always the best to play at the holidays.


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