Monday, November 21, 2011

cameras & hands

are two of my favorite subjects to photograph.

I like how delicate and nimble hands are, how practical and pretty they can be.

Cameras are just lovely, and close to my heart.

The hands, and the camera, belong to my cousin. I took these whilst in Boston, more than a month ago. How time flies! I'll get to see her again this week, for Thanksgiving. Huzzah!

Current Word Count: ? I don't know, since this is scheduled. Betting it's dismal though. Last time I checked my estimated finishing time was December 15th. LOL YEP.


  1. These photos are gorgeous.
    And don't pressure yourself too much. I mean, a little bit of motivation is good but not so much that you feel sick with stress, okay?

  2. love the pictures! don't beat yourself up too much, I gave up on day 3 ;)

  3. PRETTY CAMERA. Hands and cameras are both awesome photo subjects. And psh, both times I did nanowrimo I quit within the first week... so feel good about your word count! December 15 still counts as a win according to meee!

  4. Love this post! Great pictures!

  5. i love these pictures! they are so beautiful and delicate.

  6. I completely agree. I love snapping photos of hands. There is just something so beautiful about a hand in a photo - man or woman's. I like the way they curve and how the fingers bend.

  7. i can't wait!!



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