Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tea makes everything better.

Today was not a terrific day (it was one of those days when I wished I was home-schooled, if you know what I mean), but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about things I like instead, like tea.

Right now I'm on my second third cup of Passion tea and it is an exceedingly wondrous shade of pink. See? It's kind of bitter, but very delicious. Mmm...I love it.

My grandmother sent me this tea cup + a matching tea pot as a confirmation gift last week and I have been putting it to good use. Tea is perfect while doing homework or writing or doing more homework, which is most of what I have been doing these past few days. Loads of fun. The 'gag me with a spoon' kind of fun. When do I graduate, again? Never mind, don't remind me. There are good things about school, though. Like today was unofficial "wear comfy jumpers and drink tea and knit" day at school. A bunch of people had their knitting and thermoses full of tea, although I unfortunately didn't have time in the morning to bring any. Next time, though. 

In the meantime, I think I'll go get some more tea. What about you: what's your favorite type of tea? Any suggestions for types I have to try?

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  1. mmmm, that tea looks yummy! I like any type of tea as long as it has tons of sugar in it. :D and your tea cup is sooo pretty!

  2. Guess who doesn't even DRINK tea and is on her third cup? THIS GIRL! I used to not like that it tasted just like water, now I'm like, "YUM, WATER WITH A TINY BIT OF FLAVOR."

    But yeah, I brought to cups full in my thermos and finished it in chemistry, then I got home and drank a cup of pumpkin coffee, then my mom got me a pumpkin spice frappuccino from Starbucks, and now I'm drinking sleepy time tea while I write my explanation for the art project because I have no time this weekend to do it.

  3. passion tea is the best. seriously. :))
    -jocee <3

  4. I don't drink tea a lot, my mum and my sisters do though, but I think that I will get into the habit now that I've read your post! Nice photos by the way, I love your tea cup!
    ~ Chloe

  5. I'm pretty classic, Blueberry or Raspberry. Although once i had Raspberry vanilla... YUUMMMMM!!!!! I should really go to the tea house more often. I'm having a tea party for my birthday though! Teeeeeeeeaaaa. Such a lovely subject. In the morning I'm going to have a nice big cup of blueberry, And I will imagine you're having tea too! INTERNET TEA PARTY!

  6. I just drink Breakfast Tea--uninteresting but true.
    Unofficial "wear comfy jumpers and drink tea and knit" sounds good but I agree--sometimes I really want to be homeschooled {or just stay home ill!}.

  7. earl grey! hands-down the best ;)

  8. Well, you can't go wrong Irish Breakfast Tea!

    You really can't go wrong with *any* tea - except maybe Earl Grey. Some people like it, but - well - it's just not my cup of tea. (You got that, right? ;)


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