Monday, November 07, 2011

the girl who ate the pomegranate seeds

Persephone, captured and detained by Hades in the underworld, ate six pomegranate seeds. Each seed represented a month of darkness for the world, so there are six months of cold, harsh winter (some versions say four; whatever floats your boat). When these months are over, she is released from the underworld and her mother Demeter makes it spring again.

That myth is one of my favorites.

One good thing about the onset of winter is the food, specifically the fruit. Hello pomegranates + grapefruit.

The darkness before dinner caught me off guard; likewise, waking up after the sun was strange. Of course today the sun never really came out. The sky was completely grey, the way I like it. It even sprinkled for a few minutes on the bus, but no real rain came out of it.

Tea and writing.

Right now I feel pretty awful. My throat is sore, I feel warm (fever? I refuse to believe it!) and I'm soooo tired. All I want for Christmas is to sleep forever. I wish I was Sleeping Beauty.

Current Word Count: 6,054
Yes, I am still somewhat woefully behind, but I'm doing my best.



  1. there's something mystical and amazing about november- the misty clouds envelop the mountains here in utah, and it almost looks like mount olympus (going along with your greek theme).

    i love november... i'm not too sick of the cold yet!

    happy monday, friend.
    xo flor

  2. I hope you feel better!
    I just bought my first pomegranate of the season...hurray!

  3. That myth is a favourite of mine too, ever since a year three play. And pomegranates are delicious anyway! I love them eaten over rocket with parmasan. Yum.
    Good luck with NaNo! Go Kendall! Go Kendall!

  4. i love greek myths, there's something so beautiful about them. that one is one of my favorites too.

  5. so have you read Percy Jackson(and the Olympians)? I'm reading it right now and I'm like obsessed. xD


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