Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a weekend trip to boston

So this is what it's like to not blog for six days. I'd say I'm sorry, but in all honesty, dear blog, I owe you nothing. I've just been insanely busy with all sorts of things. But because deep down I really do love you, here's a long post.

So...this weekend, I went to Boston. I went to visit my cousin, because she probably won't live in America again for a while (the last time I got to visit her home was when she lived in CA in second grade), because it was a three day weekend, and because I worked on my parents for months beforehand. Now, when I say Boston, I really mean the greater Boston area, like Cambridge and Belmont, where they just moved.

My dad and I got into Boston late Friday night. The next morning, we met up with my aunt and cousin Clarissa. We went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It has this lovely garden in the middle and rooms all around it furnished with lots of paintings. We even saw a letter written by Marie Antoinette -- I thought that was pretty neat. Unfortunately, as is the case with many museums, there was no photography permitted.

After that, we walked around a little bit before getting some Japanese food for lunch. I'm not a big fish or seafood person...at all...but I make do.

The rest of the day, I hung out at my cousin's house, helped her with her photography homework, watched her brother do yard work, and took a lot of pictures myself. I found the prettiest leaf. Do you see that? Gorgeous.

Dinner that night was provided by my cousins' other (Italian) grandparents. Let's pretend that picture is intentionally out of focus, shall we?

The next day Clarissa and I took a bus to Harvard Square. We explored the campus a bit. It was very green compared to Texas. I probably remarked about that a lot, but well, what else can I say?

Then we met her friend to do some shopping. We went to the Garment District. It's this thrift store that has a dollar-per-pound section, where there is a whole room literally covered with clothes. You have to sit there and dig through for a while, but you can find some pretty nice stuff for really cheap.

Also, there is a stop with my name!

We stopped for a snack before exploring a bit more of the city.

Monday morning we went to look at the Columbus Day festivities happening. It was warm, but it looked especially autumnal.

Then we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. My family really likes museums, in case you haven't noticed. Like, a lot. Anyway. The most astonishing thing about this one was the fact that you could take pictures!

I was wondered, all right.

I saw some paintings. Yes, I did. I'm getting tired and so first-grade sentences are all you're going to get, blog. Didn't we already talk about this?

So that, for the most part, was my weekend in Boston. It was lovely and fun and all together too short. Three days are really not enough to know a city, so I hope I can go back someday and have more time to explore. Until then, I have plenty of memories and photos to tide me over. :)

I'll probably share a few leftover pictures later, but right now I want to go paint my nails or eat dessert or watch TV. Hopefully all three. Happy Tuesday!



  1. That looks like loads of fun! Hopefully I can take a run around Boston someday. Great photographs!

  2. I like that it says that you can flirt and sing, since add studying to that, and you have every day OF MY LIFE.

  3. Boston looks amazing. Is that Matisse? Also amazing.

  4. Lovely pictures! Boston looks so pretty. :)

  5. i can't verbalize enough how much i enjoyed this post. felt like i was in boston again.

  6. I love your pictures, and would love to visit Boston sometime.

  7. oh do I ever LOVE boston! Everytime we visit the city, I love going through the sparkly tunnels, craning my neck at the inordinately tall buildings, trying to read every billboard.
    I'm so glad you had a great time!

  8. Amazing pictures! I'd love to go there! :)


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