Tuesday, November 01, 2011

it's november

and you know what that means...

...NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as I should be writing right now.

November is full of:
eating candy left over from Halloween (how can people not be a fan of this holiday? It is my favorite! Hello, free candy!)
drumming on the keyboard trying to think of what to write next
endless cups of water and tea
the constant checking of word count
wishing everyone would shut up so I can concentrate
and also
the beginning of the holidays (a light at the end of the word-filled tunnel?)

Right now I've only written a little over a thousand words. It was slow starting, but now I feel like I could write forever! Maybe not. There are some people who can write 3,000 words in one sitting, and some people who have practically all day in which to write this. I, unfortunately, do not fall into either of these categories! I fall into the category of "girl who already doesn't get enough sleep because of school and has an only partially formed idea but really really does not want to lose."

Happy November! Are you doing NaNo?

1,013 words


  1. I've always been so drawn to do NanoWriMo, but... *sigh* i'm so lazy;) but I think it sounds like an awesome idea!! I know you'll do great!

  2. I'M doing nano too! Good luck!

  3. ooh, and remember to have fun and not get stressed about the time limit~ ( :

  4. Wow, good luck on all that wonderful writing! I am so excited about the holidays coming up. I'm SO ready for Christmas...

  5. Good luck! The past two times I did NaNo I just tried to write 1000 words a day, every day and not worry about whether it was any good.
    It wasn't.
    But--good luck! And keep writing Kendall!

  6. I'm trying to do nanowrimo, But i've only got a little over 1000 words as well, and my writing buddy has over 3000. It really does make you feel insignificant when you can't write as much as other people. And It doesn't help that I have to clean the house for guests coming over but i want to write- Sigh! Glad to know we're on the same page. Best of luck with your novel,

  7. I'm doing it this year, and I haven't even started ;) Yesterday was my planning day and I'm going to try and have 1 660 words by the end of today! I know you can do it though, so keep writing! :)


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