Sunday, August 21, 2011

a fond farewell to summer

Dear Summer,

Today marks the end of your visit, my friend. Your stay was lovely, one of the best, but tomorrow I must return to school. As always, I am saddened to see you leave, but I am left with wonderful memories of our time. Shall I recount some of our adventures?

There were many trips to places like Hawaii (island of chickens, rain, and mud), Washington D.C. (city of escalators, museums, and good food) and to California (land of pools, parks, and shopping). I also went to nearer places, like the ranch. I marked three new states off my list and took a total of 11 airplane flights. I got to see my family on my vacations, and even though they drive me crazy sometimes, it's all fun. Mostly.

There were days of camp -- nature camp (where I was a counselor-in-training) and writing camp (where I was a student/camper). Though I had to wake up earlier, I got to learn, help, and laugh...a lot.

There were quieter, unstructured days that were fun, too. Days spent reading, going to the pool, taking pictures. Lazy days, dog days. The best. Because when else can you stay up until midnight and sleep until ten on a Tuesday?

This summer, I turned fifteen, saw some of my favorite musical artists perform, and watched the final Harry Potter movie (*sob*). All in the same week, coincidentally.

It was a very good summer, in retrospect. Just the right amounts of Excitement and Laziness with a lot of Smiles mixed in. It feels slightly melancholy sitting here, typing away when I know this time tomorrow I'll be meandering the cold hallways of high school once again. At least I know the school this time...but good bye, free time, sleeping in, lazy days. *deep breath*

Good bye, summer...Hello, school. If you also feel bad about going back to school (and are a Harry Potter fan) this. :)

Until next year,


P.S. I'm fiddling with the design a bit, just so you know. Curious -- does anyone know how to make the post title & date central? Like in the middle? :)


  1. Your new design looks lovely! I like the simplicity.
    You start school tomorrow? I don't go back until 6th September. Although holidays here are shorter--barely six weeks it's nice to have all of lazy August at home.
    Anyway, your summer looks like a good one. And a very photogenic one too.

  2. You should mention that le school is doing AVPM for the winter/spring musical! And that your best friend in the entire world (me, DUH) wants to be Cho Chang but probably won't get it because she's a sophomore and hasn't been in a show before. #My Creys.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome summer!
    For the design question, try this:

  4. Love the new design! Lovely pics!

  5. Love that first photo!

    To center your post title, find:, h4 {
    and add: text-align: center

    To center your date header, find:
    .main-inner .widget {
    and add: text-align: center

    Hope it works! :)

  6. I can't help but admire your nails in that last photo. :)
    Such pretty pictures! <3

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I like your photography.

  8. I love how the boots are filled with flowers!



  9. ahh, i remember that! it's the blueberries in D.C.... and my fake nails! :DD i can't wear them anymore, because i have to practice the violin :(

    miss you. xxx


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