Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fruits + veggies

From raspberries to tomatoes, summer food really is the best. Marked by plump juicy reds and healthy greens, it's delicious and nutritious. I mean, desserts will always be first in my heart (and stomach), but there's something to be said for fresh fruits and veggies. I just really like food. Got any favorite fruits or veggies?

Also, in a fit of boredom yesterday, I started a Project 52 on Flickr! I'll be uploading one photo a week for a whole year on there, so follow along, why dontcha? Go here to see the set. :) Are doing a 52 or a 365 or anything of that kind?

Have a happy Tuesday!



  1. That looks delicous. Right now, I'm in love with chopped tomatoes & basil, with a tiny bit of olive oil and seasoned with lots of pepper and some salt. Eaten with crackers, it's a delicious lunch. And lemonade too, which involves lemons so is surely fruit. Oh, and I made a lemon drizzle cake today, which also must be healthy, what with all that vitamin c...

  2. Wow! That looks so incredibly delicious! Those raspberries look incredible.

    My thing right now is sauteed peppers and onions in a soft tortilla. Fresh peaches and raspberries, too!

  3. Kendall. I have been such a horrible commenter lately. If you were here, I would let you smack me or something.

    Anyways. Those raspberries look delicious! And, I most definitely agree with you about Summer food. There's just something about it. My favourite fruit? Pomegranate. They're not in season here, at the moment, which makes me quite sad.

    Hurray for fifty-two projects! They're oh-so fun. :)

  4. The first photo looks absolutely delicious. I'm craving fruit, and there's none in ou house right now.

  5. It looks great!! Loved the first photo!<3

  6. Oh, it looks so delicious! Love the pics! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog! <3


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