Monday, August 08, 2011

the final installment (d.c. part iii).

...Of my epic adventures in Washington D.C. That sounds like it's from some fantasy trilogy...Anyway.

day six.

Ate breakfast at Starbucks in Alexandria, where everything is ancient. Then we wandered over to the piers to wait for our boat to Mount Vernon.

The ride was about an hour and a half long, and I may or may not have fallen asleep both ways... Anyway! Once we got there, we got to see the remains of George Washington.

And some cows.

We got a tour of the house, which was really interesting, though no pictures were allowed inside, surprise surprise. They also had this museum about George Washington that was kinda cool. We watched this movie that had all these special effects like 'snow' that floated down from the ceiling during the part about crossing the Delaware. I still don't know what it was. XD

We took the boat back and then had ice cream. Right before dinner. I love vacation. Then we took the metro back to the hotel... Funny story about that. We were waiting for it to come, and when it pulled up, my dad jumped on and was ushering everyone on. My grandpa, two cousins and I made it but everyone else was left behind. No sooner had we sat down then we realized...we were on the wrong one. Everything worked out fine, but it was kind of hilarious and after that I stopped trusting my dad when he told us where to go. :P

day seven.

Friday, the last full day, we went to Georgetown, my dad's alma mater. It looks like a castle.

After walking around there for a bit, we went to the American History Museum. By this point I'd stopped counting how many museums we'd been was a lot. But I saw Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers! :D

And then we went to the Lincoln Memorial, where there were a lot of people.

And the Washington Memorial. To the the very tippity top.

the view from the top. the White House!
Jump, I told her. Jump again! One more time! I am such a good cousin.
I think this marks the conclusion of my trip. I had a great time and it went by so quickly. I'll probably share some leftover pictures later, because there are a lot, but right now it's time to go.

Oh yeah -- by the time you read this, I will be in California. Happy Monday! Talk to you soon.



  1. I used to live in Alexandria! Cool pictures, I love the b&w.

  2. Lovely photos--they make me want to travel. Have fun in California, Kendall!

  3. '...Of my epic adventures in Washington D.C.'
    first we went to starbucks and had an epic battle with the dark side over the cookies. We also found out that Darth mochavader was Lukelatte's dad.
    ;) glad you had fun, those slippers are sooooo cool! I want to go to Washington D.C. some day!
    But this year we're going to michigan... yay.
    have fun in California!

  4. So cool! I went to Washington D.C. once, and the American History museum was awesome!

  5. Great pictures!! Have a wonderful time in CA! I can't wait to go to California again...headed there for Christmas with my family! :) :)

  6. I love the black and white pictures. A lot. And the ruby slippers.

  7. Okay so I need to go here. I have never been and I feel like it's kind of a requirement for all Americans to see haha.

  8. Do I really need to tell you who I am?August 10, 2011 at 5:35 PM
    This need posting, in this post too, because I took in on the boat ride.

  9. Do I really need to tell you who I am?August 10, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    Darn, it won't automatically hyperlink it. Let's try again...


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