Sunday, August 07, 2011

capitol ceilings and foreign food (d.c. part ii).

Here's the second installment of my vacation to Washington D.C.

day three.

Monday, we went on a tour of the Capitol. We got to see the old Supreme Court Chamber, the Senate (which was really boring because they were on recess) and lots of chandeliers, paintings, and statues everywhere. It was like the Texas Capitol...but bigger. Great comparison, right?

The building -- especially the ceiling -- was so beautifully intricate, so cramped with minute details that I couldn't help but admire it. It's kind of amazing.

my protege, i mean, sister.

After lunch, we visited the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence and other really old things like that. They were really strict about no naturally my cousin had to take a picture. The security guard wasn't very happy.

Then, that evening, I went with my parents & sisters to see one of my dad's old friends. They live out in Virginia and have an adorable almost-2-year-old.

We took the metro back and didn't get to the hotel until 11:30.

day four. 

We slept in and then went to the Natural History Museum, where I learned that humans are 60% similar to banana trees. I didn't bring my camera on that excursion because I was tired, but that night we went to an Ethiopian restaurant so I had to document that.

They had a plate like that for every four people to share. There was this really spongey bread that you used to pick up the other food -- potatoes and chicken and carrots and other things with various sauces. I tried some of it, I really did, but I just didn't like it. It's too different, or something. Not to my taste. But hey, I also hate soda, onions and seafood, so maybe I'm just weird.

day five. 

Woke up really early to wait outside the White House for about an hour in drizzling weather. Fun times! We got to walk through some rooms and that was pretty much it. No pictures, because the security there is really strict. Afterwards, we were all hungry, so we ate breakfast (it was only nine!) at this French restaurant. They had chocolate to spread on the bread (like Nutella, which my mom doesn't buy anymore, sadly) and honey to drizzle over French toast and I decided I like French food and I want to go there. Yep.

We had Chipotle for lunch, where there was a little incident of burrito theft that we can all laugh about now (well, almost all of us) and then went to the Air and Space Museum. I...saw lots of airplanes? Later in the afternoon I went swimming at the hotel and it rained.

The third and final installment, including some of my most favorite places & pictures...coming soon.



  1. You little sister is super-duper adorable!

  2. I didn't like the Ethiopian food either it was gross.


  3. Injera (the bread) is gross. Actually, it's all gross. When I went to Ethiopia, we had it a few times, and I did not enjoy it. :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun though!

    p.s. Thanks for letting me guestpost!

  4. I've never tried Ethiopian food... Judging from what you say and the comments, I don't plan on trying it any time soon either!
    Also, if you ever go to Paris... You could survive on breakfast. Speak bad French to the guy that runs the cafe, and he'll give you a pain au chocolat along with a latte, orange juice, croissant, and good bread.

  5. lovely photos, and your little sister=absolutely adorable!

  6. I'm seriously convinced we have the same taste buds.
    I can not stand seafood and onions... and at times I can not like soda.
    And nutella is amazing :)


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