Sunday, August 14, 2011

return to normal.

listening to: Blow Away by A Fine Frenzy.
just finished reading: Bird by Bird. It's funny because I was reading this on my way home and one of the flight attendants saw and said, "Oh, that's a great book. Anne Lamott lives right next door to me!" So, yeah, small world.
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I'm home now, for good. No more airplanes or suitcases or wondering what time it is because you've been in three different time zones in the past two weeks. No more temporary. Home.

It's time to ease back into the patterns of everyday. I have one week before school starts and so much to do. There are things I want to do: go to the movies and practice driving and, you know, blog. And there are things I have to do: clean up my room, write thank you notes, go to the doctor. All the un-fun things that come with being home again. I'm glad to be back, but I didn't really miss those chores. Come to think of it, I didn't miss this heat, either. At all. I am, however, grateful to see my cats, my computer, and to have more wardrobe choices. I was getting just a little tired of those same few shirts.

Speaking of getting home: I arrived to find a certain package, all the way from England, at my door! It brought me these lovelies, which made me smile. Oh, and I've named the little red guy Zip. :)

I'm kind of looking forward to fall, to going back to school and having structured days. Kind of. I'll be glad to see some of my friends again, too, the ones I haven't seen since June. I got my schedule a few weeks ago, and some of my classes sound exciting...and others just sound hard. I don't want to wake up early and I don't want to do homework, but I do want to learn. Sigh. One thing I'm definitely looking forward to, though: cooler weather. Any respite from this heat we've been having all summer long would be welcome. The sad thing is, it'll take a few months for it to actually cool off. Someday (someday!) I will live in a place with four seasons. Where the leaves actually turn colors other than brown and where you can actually wear scarves and boots in October without sweating. Where it actually rains. I kind of don't know why anyone would want to move to Texas. No offense, Texas. Your weather is just pretty awful, that's all. I want a real fall.

That said, I still have plenty of summer left in me, so I'm definitely going to enjoy it!

This afternoon my neighbor came over and we played Just Dance for a while, which is pretty intense, let me tell you. I was tired after that so I broke out the watercolors and did some painting. That was nice and relaxing.

I have lots of photos to share later, but right now I just wanted to get everything out in words first.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


P.S. A teeny note about Instagram: it's on my mom's iPhone so occasionally I'll use it but it's her account with her full name on it, so I can't like, give it out or be friends with you or anything. Hope that makes sense! 


  1. That's such a good book- I wish she lived next to me!

  2. I feel a little bit bad because I had such AMAZING childhood(early childhood, that is! ;) ) memories from when I lived in Maine, ESPECIALLY during fall. I'm not really why people give Maine a bad rep, but my opinion is probably just because I'm a Northern girl. ;)

    I think you'll like having an ACTUAL fall. They're really refreshing.


  3. OOh Bird By Bird was the best writing book I've ever read... sigh.

  4. I love Bird By Bird, not just as writing but as a life book. It's just brilliant!

  5. Wow! -- what a great entry! Thanks for linking up! LOVE it. The texture of the photo = amazing.
    Also, lovely blog!

  6. I know how you feel about the weather! I used to live in Kansas, and it seemed like it was either spring or summer all year!


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