Monday, May 09, 2011

this weekend.

(get ready for a bit of a picture overload, haha)

This weekend was like a little slice of summer, short and sweet and sunny.

My dad had a friend in town for a few days and he brought his five-year-old son. That's who the little boy is. He's cute but a handful. ;) I had a soccer game (last one of the season) on Saturday and then I went swimming (first time of the year. Man, I haven't been swimming since, like, September). It was quite refreshing. I wore my colorful flip flops instead of my usual white ones. :) Afterwards, we went to my sister's dance recital. There were tons of people there! We had dinner at a nice, bustling restaurant on the lake. I admired the sparkling blue water and the red wooden seats. And I ate a lot of chips.

Sunday was Mother's Day. I spent like an hour going through old pictures trying to find one of me and my mom to put in a card. Turns out there's not too many. But I did find some pretty adorable/hilarious/beautiful pictures from a while back of various family members that I'll have to share sometime. Anyway, we had cinnamon rolls for brunch and frozen yogurt for dessert and there are many flowers in a vase for that occasion. I love you, Mom. :)



  1. Those bokeh pictures are amazing! So pretty! It sounds like you had a great weekend- especially with going swimming! :D

  2. you got to go swimming?? I wish my pool was open! I'm totally jealous:) Sounds like you had an awesome weekend.

  3. Such pretty photos; love the bokeh. And sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Open-air swimming rocks my socks.

  4. Wow, I love the bokeh pictures and also that last photo is AMAZING! :)

  5. Oh, what lovely photos! I think the picture of the rose is my favorite - it's gorgeous!


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