Tuesday, May 10, 2011

list love.

Some happy things from the past few days:

♥getting a parcel from my grandma containing two books and three worry dolls
♥channeling my British subconscious (shut up, it's totally there) by using words like 'parcel'
♥not using proper capitalization
♥cloudy skies (surely I'm not the only one who thinks the sky is much prettier when adorned with fluffy white or grey clouds?)
♥getting 99% on my algebra test
♥the sound of popcorn popping
♥rain dances
♥looking at old pictures
♥the colors yellow, green & blue (clearly, I don't believe in having only one favorite)
♥having 16 days of school left

Other lists (hey, look, a list of lists. Heh) that I'm constantly amending in my mind & on Post-it notes: daily to-do lists, general to-do soon lists, songs to buy, books to read, wish-lists, summer goals. The latter will be shared on here sometime closer to summer. (More lists.)

I just like lists, okay?



  1. so I have a question: what on earth is a worry doll?

  2. Katie: A worry doll is a tiny little doll traditionally from Guatemala. You tell your worries to it and it will 'remove' them. :) I'll post a picture, but if you google it you'll see.

  3. I love lists! And I love this post. :D

  4. I love your happy list, and the photo. Lists are just so nice and helpful. That 'Listography' website looks like such fun!

    Listography has some books, too. I marveled over them at a bookstore the other day. :)

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  6. wow 99% on your algebra test?! Wooohooo! Good job sweetie!


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