Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oh, memories.

One of my favorite ways to procrastinate-slash-waste time (besides, you know, the internet) is looking at old pictures. I was looking through folders of pictures a week or so ago and I found some that really amused me. I thought I'd share some of the best ones on here. 

...Like this one, from when I was about, I don't know, two or three? I'm not really good at judging ages, but it was before I got glasses. (That's my grandma, by the way.) 

This is from Germany, when I was almost four. My sister Lauren (in the red) and I are in the middle and our cousins are on the sides. That cute little boy is now taller than me. 

And here's my sister Mallory's first Easter, so, my goodness, ten years ago? According to the date in the corner, she would have been eleven days old. She's conked out. But look at me, so patient. I remember I got a Barbie from the Easter Bunny that year...

I'm not in this one, but I completely love Mallory's face here. It is so adorable I am going to die. I wish she was this age again... And mhm, ice cream.

Speaking of cute little sisters...

Here she is again. Sorry. I couldn't help myself. 

This picture is a lot more recent (two years ago?) but I love the mountain scenery. We were snow-shoeing in California. Try to ignore my stupid hat, if you can.

One last picture. Not of people, but of a special place. That's my grandparents' cabin, where I go every other Christmas and usually every summer (but not this summer). Look at all that snow... Anyway, I like this picture because it looks kinda vintage, like a postcard. :)

Oh, the memories! Old photos are so fun...and time-consuming. I'd better go now. Anyone else love seeing these snapshots of simpler times? ;)



  1. i love looking through old pictures :) so cute!

  2. i lovveeee your epic hat! :DDD

  3. I love the picture of your grandparents cabin. It brings me back to my childhood ironically, when my family used to go to my cousin's cabin for the winter weekends.
    All of these pictures are so cute, I love old pictures too. I love how much memory they can hold, you know?
    I'm loving those floral pants in the second picture by the way. I definitely had about a million pairs of pants like that when I was younger. haha gosh now I want some now!


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