Thursday, May 19, 2011

dreary or cheery.


-My stupid Internet connection. It made me want to punch my computer. So I did. All that happened was my knuckles hurt.

-This weather. Wet and cloudy and gray and ugh. I never saw it rain today but there were puddles everywhere when I got out of school.

-Finals in about a week. I've pretty much forgotten everything from longer than two weeks ago, so lots of studying will ensue. Or, you know, should. Can't actually promise I won't get distracted. ;)


-Tea and a book after dinner. So relaxing. 

-This song. Okay, it's not really cheery, per se, but I like it.

-Nine more days of school; only really five more days, the other four are finals.

-Cats. Streeeeeetch, Mr. Simba!

What's dreary or cheery in your world, readers?



  1. mmmm loovee earl grey tea!

  2. :)) Cute cat stretch!

    My power was out ALL DAY yesterday!
    Ugh pain!

  3. nothing like tea and a book:) makes me smile just thinking about it!
    And that picture of the cat is so cute, heehee:)

  4. My computer was being so miserably slow yesterday but today it's much faster! Yea! That cat stretch is adorable!

  5. Mmm... tea & a good book. So wonderful. And, I think Sufjan Stevens might have the most beautiful voice ever. A very large portion of my iPod is filled with his songs.

  6. Your cat is so cute! And it's raining a ton here too! Last week I think it rained every single day. :P Oh well, May showers bring June flowers? ;)

  7. cute photos! =)


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