Saturday, February 18, 2012

a post about television

This will, I think, go down in history as the Year I Started Liking TV.

You see, for a long time I was the sort of precocious kid who hated TV and thought it was stupid and made you dumb and I was very proud of the fact that I wasn't obsessed with it. I watched Arthur in first grade and in middle school, I sometimes watched Ugly Betty before it ended. I watched Glee but mine was never the sort of passionate affair with TV I witnessed with other people my age. And I was perfectly okay with that. (I thought it made me special.)

But then, in January, everything changed. I discovered Downton Abbey.

I blame the internet, really, and peer pressure, and the unstoppable force of them combined. I kept hearing about this show, and I was bored, so I thought, what the heck? I gave it a try. And what do you know, an obsession was born. I am super-di-duper-ly psyched to watch the Christmas special tomorrow. I even had a dream about it the other night, although I know things will be better in the show because my dreams don't know what the heck is going on. Although I will probably be upset at the lack of Downton in my life once this season is over, I will be comforted in the knowledge that a) there will be a 3rd season! and b) I have a new show to watch now.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have caved and begun to watch Doctor Who.

It's weird what made me start, though. I hadn't even heard of it at all until I got to high school, where one of my teachers had posters of it everywhere and there was a club that watched it at lunch and everyone was talking about it, it seemed. But it didn't appeal to me at all. Then, of course, there's Tumblr. A lot of people I follow on Tumblr are obsessed with Doctor Who. I always just scrolled past these posts, though I became knowledgeable about certain things. I knew about the Tardis and Weeping Angels (which are apparently very scary) and I knew some names that kept reappearing. I knew, from Halloween costumes, that fezzes and bow ties were apparently a key part of this fandom. But even with all that tucked away, the show still didn't much interest me. I don't know what happened, exactly, to change that. But somehow, a few weeks ago, I found myself obsessing over some of the actors. I watched interviews, looked at pictures, and read articles.  It was ridiculous. After a while, I had the completely brilliant thought that maybe I should actually watch this show. Yes, I do things backwards. Deal with it.

So I went to my old buddy Netflix and before I knew it, one episode had turned into five. I'm starting with Season 1 (from 2005) and will attempt to make my way up to the present day. It might take a while, but the episodes aren't terribly long and you know me, I don't have much else to do. ;) And I've heard it gets even better, so I have many an incentive to keep going.

So, this is me, now. A year ago, I never thought I'd say I love television, but it's true. Obviously, there's a lot of rubbish stuff out there, like reality TV (I have a whole other bone to pick with that), but the trick is to find something that can make you laugh and cry and think and is maybe just a bit cheesy. And British. Clearly it hasn't been a successful show if you don't come out of it talking like the Queen of England Maggie Smith.

And that is an entire post about television. kthanksbye.


  1. This post made me laugh over and over again ;) We don't have cable, so I can't exactly say that I'm obsessed with TV, but we DO have internet, and netflix, so I have my way of getting to see my favouritest shows ;)

  2. lol, this was hilarious! i have heard a lot about both of those shows. are you telling me i should give in and watch em?

  3. I never really liked telly until "Sherlock" and "The Twilight Zone". They are BRILLIANT ;)

  4. I know it's weird when people say this, because most of the time it's untrue and they're wrong, but I FEEL THE SAME WAY. I never watched TV in elementary or middle school, except for some movies and reruns of I Love Lucy and Get Smart, and a few episodes of the old Who in fourth grade. I prided myself on being the one person I knew who wasn't obsessed with television. My parents bragged a lot about how they'd have to tell me to stop reading, instead of to stop watching television. And then... DOCTOR WHO. One thing led to another, and now I'm obsessed with at least four BBC shows and one or two American ones. Oh, British television, how I love you.

  5. I watch crappy reality TV. It's true--my current fave is Steps: The Reunion. Like, seriously. There is some major drama there, you could cut the tension in that room with a knife.
    In Physics we have a lot of conversations about Doctor Who & Sherlock. You should watch that, Kendall. It's got Benedict Cumberbatch in it and despite his scary face, it's good.

    1. Yep, Sherlock may be my next choice. Everyone in my English class is always obsessing over it.

  6. speaking of: it's downton abbey-day. mommy and i are probably going to celebrate with some form of unhealthy food. speaking of: the doctor is my favorite and i want to be his companion. there's even a valentine's card for it! i'm going to send it to myself. even if it is february 19th. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  7. I love love love doctor who and downtown abbey!!!!! I'm watching downtown abbey's marathon now as I type this!

  8. I agree with you. There is some rubbish on T.V., and some inappropriate stuff. I have Netflix too.It's awesome!

  9. I've been meaning to start watching Doctor Who. Like you, tumblr has made me much more aware of popular British shows. The only one I really knew about pre-tumblr was Merlin, which I love. I recommend it to everyone!

    This is the year *I* started liking TV, too.
    Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock...
    yeah. The GOOD stuff.
    Mostly British. =D
    ~ Mirriam


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