Saturday, February 04, 2012

avalanche of sunlight

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, but sometimes when the light is nice I'll go out on my porch with my camera and this is the result.

Today was a weird day. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary happened; it's only me that's weird. I spent forever getting dressed and didn't even leave the house at all. I read A Moveable Feast, which I am enjoying, and baked brownies and listened to Ceremonials, which I am beginning to memorize. It's hard to explain how I feel on these weird days. I just feel weird. I want to be someplace else. Sometime it is specific: a tea room in London, an aquarium, a cobblestone street, anywhere. When I am alone, I want nothing more than to be surrounded by people. And when I am among other people, I want nothing more than to be alone. Nothing feels right, not that or that and certainly not this. I am confused but I am inspired. When I get in this mood, the only thing to do is to let it ride out. And it always does. I feel more normal, lighter, already. It's true what they say. There's always tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl but I'm more excited about you-know-what. If you don't know what, that's okay. I'll pray for you.

P.S. It's funny to think that exactly a year ago today, it snowed. Today it was fifty four degrees (coldest it's been all week) with an avalanche of sunlight in the afternoon. I wonder if I've changed as much as the weather in one year. I'd like to think so, but that might be a bit generous. Then again, I am my own worst judge.


  1. Ahhhhh, I hear ya! Weird days.... I have those often. Sometimes really good things come out of it, though. And some good thinking and inspiration. Lovely pictures! least those aren't weird. :)

  2. lovely lighting. and your hair color is so beautiful! it's really close to mine, actually, only mine is darker, and more red in the sun. let me guess... you're more excited for church?? seriously, as long as the az cardinals aren't playing, i have no loyalties to uphold. i just like watching all the guys run around ;D

    have a lovely day.

    1. Oh, haha, I could see how it would seem that way! But alas, I was talking about looking forward to a particular favorite TV show of mine. XD

  3. love those pictures! And ceremonials is amazing :)

  4. I immediately knew you were talking about Downton Abbey. I'm slightly obsessed as shame. ;)

  5. i think you're going to have to pray for me. wait! i get it now. okay, nevermind! love that first photo :))
    -jocee <3

  6. Downton Abbey... Everyone gushes about it but I've never seen it. It's like, I love Gossip Girl & 90210 & all this American trashy tv, and then all you American bloggers love the BBC.
    Also, I love that you sometimes want to be in an aquarium. That's just amazing.

  7. hi.

    have i told you how much i like your header?
    well, i love it.

  8. hey Kendall,

    you're a talented writer.
    I'd even go so far as to say genius.
    I kid you not, something about the simple, un-prettified way
    you relate your thoughts hits home, kind of like Lemony Snicket.

    1. Aw, shucks. That is one of the nicest things I've heard. Thank you!


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