Monday, September 05, 2011

questions and answers

Here are all my answers to your questions from this post. There's kind of a lot, so it's a bit text-heavy. Just a warning. Enjoy!

What would be your absolute knock-your-socks-off, it's-the-bee's-knees job? Taste tester? Mattress tester? I saw someone once said list-maker, I think that would be awesome. 

What are your pet peeves? *rubs hands together evilly* I have a lot. Mostly, though, when people are mean to other people. I just don't like it. Any form of racism, sexism, stereotypes in general, etc. just really bother me. And I hate bugs. I don't know if that's a pet peeve, but I really don't like them. 

What would you take to a desert island? Lots of food, lots of water, lots of good books, a camera, bug repellent and sunscreen. I would also say a plane fully equipped with a pilot and enough fuel to get me back home, but I think that may be pushing it a bit. 

What mythical creature do you wish was real? {including Harry Potter and sci fi, and also unicorns} Unicorns, definitely.

How did you think of the name of your blog? Oh, I don't even remember now! I've always like stars and that sort of thing but I don't really know, sorry.

What was your first camera? Fujifilm Finepix J20. I got it for my birthday in 2009. (And I don't know where it is right now, oh dear. All I found was the box.)

What's your favorite color? Purple, blue, green, or yellow. I can't pick one. 

What's your favorite animal? I have a bunch! Cats, koalas, pandas, raccoons, birds...etc.

What's your favorite movie? That Darn Cat, The Sound of Music, Drop Dead Gorgeous, etc. That's all I can think of now but I know there's more!

And what's your favorite book? (These are favorite stand alone books, not series): The Book Thief, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, My Sister's Keeper, lots more.

If you could turn into ANYTHING, what would it be? I am thinking a cat, because all they do is sleep and be fluffy and that sounds fun. 

If you could travel into any book, which one would you choose? ...Harry Potter. I reeeeallly want to go to Hogsmeade. 

What do you think your future occupation will be? I really don't know! I hope it is something creative that has to do with writing. In a dream world it would probably be an author but I know how hard that is. Maybe something like working a magazine.

Do you ever wish you could be someone else?     To be honest, yes. Who doesn't? But I'm learning not only to be okay with my life, but to make it awesome in my own way, to make it a life other people would want, if that makes sense.

Have you ever wanted to change your family (add or subtract siblings?)  I used to wish I was an only child, or had an older sibling, but I'm okay with what I have now. I mean, I can't change it so there's no point in wishing for something else.

If you could have one talent to be extra super good at, what would it be?? I'd love to be extra super good at writing. Speaking would be a close second.

What would you wedding dress look like? Would you even get married? How many kids do you want and what genders? 1. No idea! Like a normal wedding dress? 2. No idea! I am only 15! 3. No idea! It's not something I can really control, although I confess I'd rather have a girl, because their names are prettier and decorating is more fun. Ha.

Would you rather be a ninja or a Scuba diver?  Ninja.

Tea or coffee? Tea. 

Coke or Pepsi? Neither! I don't like carbonated or bubbly drinks. 

If you were to live in the fantasy world of a book; which one would it be? See above. :)

If you knew you only had one minute to live, what would you do?  Sing and dance and hug the world goodbye.  

What is your favorite kind of pie?  Probably apple, although pumpkin is pretty good, too.

What is your current favorite genre of books? Historical fiction or just plain realistic fiction. Those have always been my favorite, with a little fantasy thrown in the mix.

If you could get into the Olympics for one thing, what would it be? If this is something I already do, then soccer. If it's anything, then how about snowboarding? That would be pretty cool...

If you could have one thing out of the world of Harry Potter, what would it be? Oh, gosh! A wand? An owl? Chocolate Frogs? I have no idea -- I couldn't choose just one!

What three things would you bring on a desert island?  See above. :)

Where would you most like to have a photo shoot?  I'd love to have a photo shoot in a forest. I love trees.

What year of schooling life would you most like to skip? I don't know! I don't really want to skip any of it -- I don't want to miss out or get behind on anything. 

Chocolate or vanilla? Depends. Chocolate, most of the time, but I do like vanilla ice cream sometimes.

Pie or cake? Hmm...this is a tough one. But right now, I'm going to have to go with pie, because it's an autumnal thing I've been craving.

Dogs or cats? Cats!

Where will your spirit go when you die? I don't think any of us really know. We can only guess and hope and believe what we want.  

Favorite kind of weather? I love thunderstorms and cool/mild weather -- anything from 50 - 80 degrees would be perfect. 

What subject would you want to study for the rest of your life? Writing or art, probably.  

Where would you NOT want to move, not for anything?  I don't want to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere or in the suburbs where everything looks the same. And I definitely don't want to live anywhere with a climate like Texas'. :P

What was your happiest moment that you can remember? I can't think of just one, but I can tell you the last time I felt really happy. I woke up this morning and it was a heavenly 70 degrees. All the windows were open and I could take a deep breathe and just smell the fresh air. I sat outside for a while and listened to the breezes shake the trees. It was beautiful. 

Why did you start a blog? I started my first blog in December of 2008 just to be able to share pictures and stories with the internet. I started this blog basically for the same purpose and because I was tired of the old one and wanted to start new. 

Why Slytherclaw?  Well, the short answer is because Ravenclaw and Slytherin are the two Houses I get the most on quizzes. Ravenclaw because I am philosophical, like to learn, and think a lot. Slytherin because I am emotional, introverted, and want to be successful. The most honest answer, however, is that actually I identify with different aspects of every House and I have no idea which one I would be in and I am waiting for Pottermore to find out...

What's your favorite band/type of music? My favorite types of music are alternative, rock, pop, and a little bit of folk. As for bands, ehhh...there's a lot and I'm feeling lazy, so just look here under the Favorite Music. :)

My question to you: Have I become that vastly uninteresting? Looking at my last four posts, comment numbers have gone from -- and this does amuse me -- 16 to 8 to 4 to 2. I'm not not trying to complain; I'm just pointing that out. 

Anyway, thanks for sending me questions! I had fun answering them and I hope you learned something here. Have a great Labor Day!



  1. Hmm.. I wouldn't say uninteresting, but ya know after a while everyone runs out of things to say..maybe people just don't feel like commenting!

  2. I'm a Ravenclaw, but I like what you said about Slytherclaw. I think I'd be in that house too. ;)

  3. My mind went a bit stupid & thought you couldn't pick a fantasy world because you didn't like bubbly and carbonated books. Whoops.
    And re:comments... I think that it has been happening everywhere because school is starting and people are sinking under homework and trying to find a routine.

  4. I loved reading these :)
    And the comment thing can get annoying... that happened to me once... and I think it was even in that order! My excuse for not commenting as much is my brother just had surgery -- but even that couldn't keep me away from your lovely blog <3
    Have a great day!

  5. I love these! That's really funny how your comments kept dividing in half... I agree with Libby about school starting, mine starts tomorrow and I know I won't have very much time to spend on the computer this first week.

  6. 1) YAY, YOU PUT DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. We should watch that movie again, I haven't seen it in months.

    2) Don't fret, followers, Kendall will not have a normal wedding dress. Her friends are already planning out her wedding.

  7. @Mayrose/\ YAY I LOVE WEDDING DRESSES!!!! LOL I have mine all made with my paper designs... And I'm 13. LOL
    @Kendall, I LOOOOOVE YOUR BLOG! It's the most amazing thing that's ever hit the blogesphere! I just don't comment that often because i use Google Reader to read blogs and to comment you have to click the button to actually go to the blog and comment, which most of the time I'm too lazy to do. But I do love you blog and I read every post!!!! Your pictures are amazing!
    Anyways, Don't let comments rule your blog. I let that happen to me before... bad choice. I'll stop blabbing now. :P Bye! Have a nice
    () ()

  8. You are a wonderful gal.

    Taste Tester, I've never thought of that one. Might have to figure out how to get that gig..

    (^.^) hope to hear from you - love

  9. you kind of skipped around the question "where will will your spirit go when you die." what do you believe? Not just people in general

  10. Dear Anonymous, whoever you are:
    When I wrote that, I was implying that I don't really know, either. I'd like to believe I go somewhere nice, like Heaven, but at the same time I don't want to believe that just so I can feel better about dying, you know? Glad you're so curious about my thoughts! :)

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