Wednesday, September 14, 2011

happy and happier.

Happy is one of those words I overuse, like lovely and gorgeous and great. This is me acknowledging that and then continuing to overuse it. Also, I am acknowledging this is more of a list than an actual post, but I'm busy as a bee right now, so bear with me.

Things that make me happy:

-finally having the time to blog.

-relief, pure and simple. I had a paper that had to be read out loud I was dreading but now that it's over with I feel so much better.

-birthdays! Yesterday was my sister's 13th birthday (OMG so old!), and I know a bunch of people with birthdays these next few days.


-iPhone pictures.

-baby squirrels in my yard. Adorable.

-cute water bottles & giving spontaneous gifts.

-doughnuts. It's Obesity Awareness Week and so apparently the best way to celebrate this is by giving everyone free doughnuts in advisory? I'm in.

-getting the rest of Adele's 21. Finally.

-handing in an draft of an essay that you wrote the period before on a page of notebook paper and getting a better grade than people who have three pages printed. LIKE A BOSS.

What would make me happier:

-cooler weather.
-time to read all these books!
-a dress magically appearing in my closet that is cute and comfortable.
-having even the vaguest idea of what I'm going to write a novel about starting in a mere 47 days.

Have a great day, kids. What's on your happiness list?


*HAHAHA AS IF. We had circle time today in History (don't ask) and one of the questions was "Have you ever been in any freak weather?" or something and someone said, "Once, a very long time rained."


  1. The comment about rain... Well, here it would be, "Once, a very long time ago, it didn't rain for a day"
    And that doughnut thing? Crazy.

  2. in the spirit of overusing things, this is lovely and lists make me happy.

  3. I think you should add my face to your first list. Because it should make you happy.


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