Saturday, September 03, 2011

my kind of saturday

There's nothing quite like a lazy Saturday. The week days are crazy but this is the one day I can unwind and do what I want, which usually is not waking up at six-fifteen and learning stuff all day.

This morning I took time to re-do the little inspiration board over my desk. I cut out some pictures and pinned them onto my wall to create a collage of pretty things. Photos torn from magazines, postcards, and even a fake mustache. I think overall it describes me pretty well: Cats? Check. Dessert? Check. Harry Potter? Double check.

I was feeling a little creative so I drew this. I like bunting. And coloring. So it all works out, you see.

After that, I found this lovely jar in a cabinet and got distracted.

I made a quesadilla for lunch, which along with canned soup and a sandwich is about the extent of my lunch-making-resume. It wasn't as crunchy as I like them, but I couldn't wait that long.

I swept the deck (maybe autumn is coming sooner than I thought, for every time I looked down, more leaves had fallen) and stopped frequently to take pictures. Like this.

shirt: From GREECE...I think. I'm 99% sure it's from when my grandparents went to Greece around the time of the 2004 it's also from when I was about 8. I am supremely surprised I can still fit into it. // tank top: who knows? // shorts: Old Navy // shoes: TOMS
That's pretty much been my day. I went to the library yesterday and got (only) (only?) three books. That was called Thinking Ahead, since past experiences taught me they like to close the library the whole weekend on holiday weekends. Anyway, I'm almost finished with one but I need to read a bunch for school, too. Thank goodness I have two more days! I love three day weekends.

I'm off to dinner now. Bye!



  1. sucha a cute outfit! I want it. :D


  2. That top is lovely. And that sounds like a good Saturday... especially lunch. Yum.

  3. Love your outfit and the story about Greece! hehe! Thanks for your kind comment! I absolutely love your blog!

  4. Hey Kendall! I was wondering if I could interview you for my blog? {seeing as your blog is totally AWESOME.} If you don;t want a interview please may I do a feature? >.<


    P.s, if you wanna check out my blog before you decide here it is...

  5. very, very beautiful photos. the end.

  6. Hey Kendall!
    Wonderful Stuff you post!! I LOVE it!..

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