Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I didn't get to publish this earlier (i.e. last year) but I always like to look back at my favorite parts of the year so here it is, mostly for my own benefit, a little late.

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And in lieu of a time-consuming collage, here is a selfie that I think accurate sums up my year.

some memorable moments of 2013

  • Spring break, the first day back home after visiting colleges in the frigid Northeast. I biked down to Castle Hill where I met my friends. We walked around, took the bus down to South Congress and had smoothies. The weather was wonderful and the city was beautiful and when my friend said, "I don't ever want to leave," in that moment I agreed.
  • District track meet, when I PR'd by almost a minute on my two mile time, feeling breathless and incredulous, stumbling off the track into a hug. And later, running across the infield, chasing laughter into the night.
  • Work camp in Colorado, and how for the first time I really bonded with my team.
  • Post-practice team breakfasts of chips and queso. Nothing better.
  • Luxembourg Gardens right before closing; the open air markets that felt exactly like France should feel; skipping through Paris after dark.
  • Sitting around a fire with my cousins and family, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. Thinking this is how summer is supposed to be spent.
  • That last sunset on San Juan Island.
  • An end of the summer reunion of sorts, after everyone being gone for so long -- catching up on stories from Germany & the Dominican Republic over late night pancakes and enchiladas.
  • Paddle-boarding on the lake on the last day of summer.
  • Our last football season, especially: the tailgate before the McCallum game and how we skipped it to go to the Fashion Outlet and split a pint of ice cream from H-E-B; all the wonderful chants we made up throughout the games; the end of the last game, a big group hug after one final "Whose house? Jags' house!"
  • Late nights. I don't regret all those nights I should have gone to sleep earlier, you know? I really don't. I find peace in being the only one awake; I like listening to music and writing by the yellow glow of my lamp; I enjoy talking to people late into the night. I regret procrastinating on homework a little, but maybe not enough.
  • Luxy's birthday party...yeah, I don't think I'll forget night that any time soon.
  • New Year's Eve, last night. It involved ridiculously fattening doughnuts, karaoke, and a bit of light trespassing, ice skating rink style (what else is new?). A good ending to a...really weird year.

There are so many more, but that's what stands out right now. I'm tired, and it's winter.

Here's to 2014 and maybe blogging more often.

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