Sunday, December 22, 2013

my year in music

Here is my end of the year playlist! True to my nature, and my year, it includes...well, pretty much every genre possible except like death metal because I'm not about that. I like thinking about my year in terms of the music I listened because it's a really cool and convenient way to look back on it and see all the different things I went through.

Los Campesinos are winter-thinking-about-summer music. Vampire Weekend, especially their new album, is more like actual summer, excitement and anticipation and freedom. Lana Del Rey is driving around on hot, sunny days, imagining our lives are more exciting than they are. Arctic Monkeys are angst and frustration and wanting to dance and going to football games and so much more -- they were most of this fall semester, honestly. The National is sad, late nights doing homework. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are their concert, and Maroon 5 is their concert, except for "Sunday Morning" -- that is pure contentedness, a brief moment of happiness. One Direction is, all at once, IHOP breakfasts and obsessions and the rides to and from school. They are everything.

Katy Perry reminds me of cross-country; "Mirrors" reminds me of scraping paint off a house. "Landslide" and "Rivers and Roads" are thinking about how much has changed and will changed and being a bit sad about it. "17" is, you know, turning seventeen.

I'll talk about the specifics of this year later, maybe. In the mean time, enjoy the playlist. I'm sorry about the Chris Brown.


  1. A year in music is just genius! <3

  2. The hipster in me is dying to say now that everyone knows who Jose Gonzales is that "I WAS LISTENING TO HIM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL SUCK IT"
    And by hipster I mean asshole


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