Saturday, January 04, 2014

save me, san francisco

Breaking news: It is actually physically impossible for me to make a post without titling it something extremely cheesy. Scientists around the world are baffled at this phenomenon and as of yet there is no known cure. Incredible. Anyway. What was I saying?

We were recently in San Francisco for a few days, book-ending our Christmas in Chico with my grandparents. San Francisco has good views and good food, so of course I brought my camera. Actually, vacations seem to be the only time I take pictures anymore, which is a little sad, but here you go.

Salted Caramel Sundae at Ghiradelli Square ayyyy

(Not gonna lie, I just kinda liked how my hair looked. Whatever)

I love flower shops so much.

Lombard Street

I swear I've seen a picture of this house somewhere before! I saw it in real life and was like yooooo

I want to have a party on that balcony with all the lights. Aha

The streets are really steep okay?

 Does this need a caption, honestly?


  1. I just want to go to San Fran ahhhh
    (I kinda really like your hair too)

  2. WON'T YOU SAVE ME, SAN FRANCISCO? (Sorry, I love that song.)
    San Francisco is an awesome city, isn't it? I love going there. You captured it wonderfully with those pictures.
    Oh, also, did you say your grandparents live in Chico? I live pretty near there. Small world!
    Okay, that's all, have a nice day. :)


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