Friday, January 17, 2014

look at your life, look at your choices

High school summed up:

  • hanging out in the parking lot after school, watching a boy recite Shakespeare while he vomits up the milk he drank in the gallon challenge
  • spending half an hour on the library computers searching for proxies on the sketchiest websites known to man just so you can get past the school system’s infuriating restrictions and listen to, erm, a certain song, it doesn’t matter who it’s by, don’t worry about it
  • lockdowns and gas leaks (repeat ad infinitum)
  • praying that one of the raccoons that live in the ceiling will fall through into your classroom in the middle of a test
  • eating half your lunch and looking down at the time to realize it’s only 10:12 AM and then thinking, what’s even left to live for?
  • listening to your English teacher lecture seriously about the different facial hair styles of the Victorian age as one girl in the back of the classroom quietly flips chairs over
  • not even caring if you’re accidentally shoving people as you walk past the freshmen hallway because Lord, someone needs to teach those kids how to walk
  • waiting outside a teacher’s classroom to talk to him and then seeing him casually climb into his room through the window 
  • interpreting “use this class time wisely” to mean “blogging”



    THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE MEMORIES TBH (except i did not experience the english teacher incident & now i'm really curious)

  2. This is hilarious. I love how you sought a new perspective of common scenarios. Inspired me to get my lazy butt back to writing :)

  3. HAHA yes I'm a senior, too and I couldn't relate anymore than I do already!


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