Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm baaack! I've been home a few days now, but I was waiting to get my film developed before I posted anything because I have this thing about posting chronologically. But now we can proceed.

I brought my digital with me, but I only took out my film camera in Seattle. I like film because it's an exercise in self-control and patience, and it requires you to have a certain amount of faith. I don't like it because it's expensive and scanning all the pictures myself is a hassle but it's the only option when I don't want to pay any more.

Mount Rainier, probably

Our hotel was right by the Space Needle

Inside the EMP (music) museum

By the water (lake, not ocean, though my cousin said it tasted salty)

Cousins frolicking ft. Space Needle

Shaded streets

So apparently One Direction was in town the same time we were. Like, I was in the same city as One Direction. I was breathing the same air as Harry Styles. I think that's pretty major, idk. We learned this when we happened walk by the arena where they were playing and saw a million girls lined up outside carrying signs that said things like "I ♥ 1D!" There were so many scalpers on the streets trying to sell tickets and I was kind of like WHAT IF but yeah, obviously that did not happen and I'm not terribly heartbroken. It was mostly just funny. (I took this picture that same night so that's what it has to do with that.)

Chihuly glass thing

 Pike's Place so perfect

Gum wall

 Pretty pretty Pioneer Square (or somewhere around there)

We went to the aquarium and I saw the otters including this most adorable sLEEPING OTTER OH MY GOODNESS I could literally not stop myself from using caps lock because tell me that isn't adorable.

Blue trees! Another one of those things I'd seen before but just happened to wander across on our travels across the city.


Public Library staircase ~iconic~

So that was Seattle! We were there for a day, went to San Juan Island for a few days (which I'll post about later), and then came back to the city for another day or two, so we weren't actually there too long. But I still felt like I got to see a lot, and I liked a lot of what I saw! It was cold, though. Seattle reminded me a lot of San Francisco in that regard, and in others. It's nice. 


  1. I adore your photos! I think there's something about the quality of film that just makes a photo appear more "alive", if that makes any sense.

  2. These photos are lovely! I LOVE seeing pictures documenting a trip like this. And OH, MAN, THAT OTTER IS TOO CUTE!!

  3. I reallllllyyy like this. Maybe one day I will stop being a chicken and just shoot a whole trip with film??? I need to get over my impatience first, though ;)

  4. love that you shoot film. so so lovely!


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