Monday, August 19, 2013

oregon coast

We went to the Oregon coast one day. It was foggy (as you can tell) and freezing (which you can't). I climbed the biggest sand dune and stuck my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in over two years.

I still have a bunch of pictures from this vacation and summer in general, so I might post those later, but for now I want to take a break from long photo-filled posts and return to your regularly scheduled posts. Summer is coming to a close and I want to be able to talk about that while it's still relevant, too. Hope you're all doing well!


  1. Looks like an absolutely fantastic trip! SO BEAUTIFUL! The fog makes it about 10947386x better. :)

  2. mmm. this is so gorgeous, kendall!

  3. Fog. Fog. Fog. But I'm used to it, living on the easternmost cost of Canada.

    Looks like a backdrop straight out of Kinfolk.


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