Sunday, February 10, 2013

mt. bonnell

Today my dad and I went up to this point called Mount Bonnell to get some air. I finished off a roll of film I'd been meaning to get off my hands for a while and promptly got it developed this evening (as you can see). The weather was nice (shorts and jacket in February, hollah) and the view was wonderful. I really love this place.


  1. these pictures are so pretty (ALL THAT GREEN! sometimes I miss living in texas). also I love love love that first shot of you. gorgeous!!

  2. these. pictures. are. gorgeous. i. love. them.

  3. You're adorable. And are those.. shorts? If I went out with shorts on right now, I'd be sent to the psychiatric ward.

  4. These are gorgeous. So much green! It's all grey and slushy up here in Chicago.
    Also, where do you get your film developed? Just curious :)

    1. I've been going to Walgreens because it's close to my house and convenient. There are probably better places, but it does the job alright. :)


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