Tuesday, February 19, 2013

11 signs your life is falling apart

by an expert in the subject
  1. You pass by a dog peeing and the mere sight of it lifting up its leg sends you into fits of audible giggles.
  2. You still can't drive. Even underclassmen feel sorry for you.
  3. Every time someone talks about college you stick your fingers in your ears and start humming.
  4. It takes you the equivalent of about three of The Strokes' albums to finish your (3 problem) Statistics homework that you had the whole three day weekend to do.
  5. You have a (private) prom dress board on Pinterest even though you know you aren't going to get asked.
  6. You say, "forget this, I'll be in Paris in four months" upwards of ten times a day.
  7. The number of drafts on your dashboard grows exponentially while you continue to post an average of once every nine days.
  8. One look at Gradespeed makes you want quit high school and go into a convent full time. 
  9. You make a playlist on Spotify that includes Arctic Monkeys and Selena Gomez. And you really don't even care anymore.
  10. You're not only behind on your homework; you're behind on your TV shows as well. You haven't watched the past two episodes of Downton Abbey, or Parks and Rec, and, oh yeah, there's still that unwatched Doctor Who Christmas special burning a hole on the DVR.
  11. You use hashtags outside of Twitter so frequently, sometimes you even think in hashtags. 
  12. And the bonus twelfth tip-off...you make lists like this to avoid doing anything else. #winning (NO! STOP THAT.)


  1. 2. Don't feel bad. I didn't get my licence until I was 17, which felt like eternity, but it's really okay. My sister is 24 and still doesn't have her licence, and while I'm not suggesting that you put it off indefinitely, I'm saying that don't think that you are the only one. Do it at your own pace and feel comfortable about it.
    3. I remember feeling like that, too. I didn't know where I was going to go to get my Bachelor's until nearly a year and a half after I graduated. Everything worked out, though, after many prayers and freak-out sessions.
    5. Hey, going alone is perfectly fine--even, in some cases, more fun! Go with a group or friends, or ask somebody to go with you that you feel comfortable with. I was never in a relationship with either of my prom dates. In fact, my Senior year, my prom date had a girlfriend. But we still had a bunch of fun!

  2. I think I've met my soul sister (whatever that is). Just, wow, I don't think you could have put it any better way. This post describes my life. period.
    By the way, I'm Casey, new to blogspot I guess, and I'm socially awkward, hopefully for the rest of the week things will start looking up. :)

  3. This made me laugh. Apparantly my life is falling apart because most of these describe my last. Especially 4 and 7.

  4. Week if I go according to this my life is falling apart- majorly

  5. This is my favorite post, by anyone, in a very long time! :)

  6. NUMBER THREE oh my god soooooo relevant (you know you're a junior when.....) whenever anyone mentions college i'm just like no no no no i refuse to listen

  7. I guess this means my life is falling apart too as i can relate to almost all of these

  8. 1. this immaturity was rife in my Latin lesson today. even my teacher, just a few years off retirement, was in hysterics over it all.
    2. my brother (a super smart, socially adept, and generally cool dude) is turning 21 this year and can't drive. (he doesn't want to)
    3. #relevant
    4. wait, you actually do your homework at home? not by the radiator at break, rushing through it and copying a few answers from friends?
    5. i still have at least a year until prom and i've already panicked about the fact that no one will ask me, and decided i'll go with friends instead.
    6. have fun!
    7. i'm posting even less, and piling up even more.
    8. one of my friends said her mum said she would only be able to get a 'job' as a nun if she kept on doing badly in exams!
    9. have you read this rookie article? http://rookiemag.com/2012/10/reconciling-something-we-shouldnt-have-to-reconcile-in-the-first-place/
    10. that doctor who episode is so weird. like, i don't watch doctor who and that terrified me and i don't plan on starting.
    11. #allthecoolpeopleusehashtags
    12. #procrastination

    1. Oh, I love that Rookie article. Gurl, I am so past feeling guilty about that sort of thing, you don't even know. I like what I like and if someone has a problem with it, then, well, haha sucks to be them.

  9. Your music taste is fabulous. End of story. You just mentioned my two favourite bands in one post.
    I make lists constantly as well! It really helps me to organize my thoughts ;)
    your blog makes me so happy! :)

  10. THE PROM DRESS BOARD SO RELEVANT i pin them like there's no tomorrow even though i'm so over the fact that i will not be asked (glad to know i'm not alone) also approximately 1 of 2 of every thought i have is a hashtag thought #noshame


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