Thursday, February 28, 2013

another february, survived

February is always a hard month. That's why it's so short, I believe; the world couldn't handle the normal amount of days. But while I did have my fair share of sad, stressful days, looking back, it was actually a pretty good month. And hey, you gotta take the crookeds with the straights.

This morning it was my friend's birthday, and a late start, so we went to IHOP. It's basically a tradition now. 

And, as if to say it's all going to be okay, I saw a rainbow at track today. It was a tiny little one, hiding in between the clouds, but it was there nonetheless.

We've made it through another February, another winter.

I'm sorry this isn't poetic -- not for your sake as much as mine. But my life isn't a poem; at least, not one I've ever read, and not one I've had the patience to write yet. My days of late are filled -- I started to say what with, but realized I could better leave it like that -- and there are a lot of things I could say but at the same time, can't.

My fingertips are brimming with stories but I don't always have the time for more than just a cursory list in a journal to get everything out of my mind. I wish, more often than not, that I could just write it all up in one long letter to someone who'd care.

Maybe, someday, I'll just write it all into a novel.  

Maybe someday, in between everything else, I'll find the right words and maybe, more importantly, some courage alongside them. 

Until then.


  1. "February rolls around I roll my eyes, turn a cold shoulder to the even colder skies, and by the fire my heart heaves a sigh for the green grass waiting on the other side"

    I understand. For me personally the month was gone in a snap but I understand what it feels like to have February drag on, seeming like a bridge to easier months.

  2. I echo a cheer of gratitude to the fact that the calander page has turned and february is gone for another year. This february ended off with a bang for me and not in a good way. But march holds new beginings and i'm excited to explore. Love this! And if you did write a novel (or anything!) i'd love to read it


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