Saturday, December 22, 2012

in which the world does not end but I almost die of frostbite anyway

Yesterday in celebration of Mayrose's birthday my friends & I got pizza and cupcakes and then went to the Trail of Lights, which is what it sounds like. Suffice it to say it was colder than I thought it was going to be, and by the end of the night my hands were a very unhealthy shade of red. I think I got that low tolerance of cold thing from my mom. Right now my hands are cold even though it's 64 degrees outside. Ugh.

Also, at the time I thought my 50mm lens was broken so I had to use my kit one which is not as good with low light situations so that kind of explains the pictures. However, I managed to fix it this morning so that's good news!

Ah, SoCo! ♥ So many memories...

photo of me by Elizabeth
I ran the Trail of Lights 5K last weekend, but I was too busy, you know, running to really get a good look. This time I was able to appreciate it a little more (to an extent). Anyway, it was lots of fun even if it was freezing, and I'm very glad the world didn't end even though I almost died of frostbite and also of a car accident; no, just kidding, Madisen is a very good driver.

Tomorrow we're driving up to Kansas City so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Eat lots of cookies, listen to lots of Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs, and be merry. See ya!


  1. so i went Christmas caroling last night and i swear it was only 50-something outside (even though that's like below zero in texas) and i was so cold that i couldn't feel anything and therefore didn't know how cold i was until i went back inside and started to shrivel up because the heat made my whole body violently tingle.
    i don't think that has anything to do with this post but i love the fact that we live in the same city because i can relate with you when it comes to the weather.
    also that last picture is too cute.

  2. I'M OBSESSED WITH THE LAST TWO!! You should post the second to last and prof the last
    xoxoxo love u, kennyyy


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