Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas in k.c.

I got back from Kansas City last night. It didn't feel like I took a lot of pictures, but when you add them all in a blog post it always feels like more. Anyway. 

We made cookies. Well, they did. I took pictures and ate too much of the batter.

Oh, Christmas tree. You shine so gloriously, even when you only have three ornaments clumped together on the front because you were decorated by the boys.

Union Station, once the second largest train station in the country, all decorated for Christmas.

 Lights lights lights.

 We had a fancy dinner the last night. The multiple forks kind that induce those moments of panic -- "hey, guys, do you start from the inside or the outside, again?"

It snowed!

Not pictured here: the biennial family Christmas party of the 'napkin on fire' fame which this year consisted not of pyrotechnics but of lots of delicious macaroni and cheese and copious selfies; seeing Les Mis (aahhhh!); the return of the 12 hour car ride there and back (that need not ever be a preserved memory).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I still have to write about this year so I'll be back soon. Ciao.


  1. I drove through KC while you were there!

    1. You should have said hi! I thought you flew to Minnesota, though?

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. No flying for us, it's way more expensive and then we couldn't take everything up. I drove 8.5 hours. Also, we were there around 1 am so I figured that'd be a bad idea.

    3. Because we drive straight through and I think there's only one road trip I've been on with my dad ever where we stopped for the night.

  2. There is some major bokeh action going on in this post. Love it! Happy New Years.


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