Sunday, September 16, 2012

i'm the queen of nothing, i'm the king of the world

It's been a week full of ups and downs. Mostly ups, really, but a few downs.

kinda unfocused, but that's my new haircut for those of y'all who haven't yet seen

Thursday was our first late start of the year and so I went out to breakfast with some friends which was nice. I had my favorite meal of gingerbread pancakes with chocolate chips and bananas and quickly became so stuffed that I had to finish the rest for lunch. Also my friend drove me to school for the first time and I didn't die so that's worth noting! That day was just peppered with nice things like getting to sleep in and waving at people and thunder/rain and I don't remember but it was good.

Then Friday was pretty mediocre which I kind of expected because after a really good day usually comes a day that's not so great. It just dragged on. That evening was the cross country pasta party which was really hardcore and by that I mean at one point there was a large crowd gathered around a chess game. Hahahahaha get crunk. (That was for Claudia's benefit.) Yeah but there was pasta and salad (to be ~healthy~) and cake (which I passed on because I'd already had two pieces of cake at school -- Cake Club, wooo).

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 for my first cross country meet. And yeah, that was interesting. See, I was supposed to run JV. It was only going to be 2 miles, which was manageable. But that's not what happened. Due to other people being gone and my not wanting to be the only girl from my school on JV and  deciding to just get it out of the way first thing, I ended up running varsity. For my very first race ever. Let me tell you, I kind of wanted it to be over before it even started. It was pretty bad. I lagged behind a lot and I realized that I liked the part in the woods better than the part where people were watching because everyone was cheering you on and maybe it's supposed to be nice but it just feels kind of condescending when you're in last place, like, 'Oh good work sweetie, here's a 'you tried' sticker, I'm just glad that's not me'. Other people made me feel weird for thinking that, I don't know. But that's just with strangers; I don't mind it if it's people who actually know me, like my teammates, because that feels more genuine and I really do appreciate that. Anyway, after it was over, I remarked to my friend, "I don't think I've ever run a 5K before." And so all things considered my time wasn't all that bad for my first ever meet and my first ever 5K.

I enjoyed being finished with running and just cheering on the guys, though. I should've been a cheerleader, dangit. I could have some real potential there.

On a semi-related note, I kind of miss soccer. My team sort of disintegrated after last season and this is the first time in a while that I'm not playing. It feels kind of weird; not necessarily the not playing it, but the not being a part of that team. Now I have cross country, which is good I guess. I really like being on a team. It just makes working out a lot better, and you have a variety of different people with whom to interact, who are often different than the people you're normally friends with. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but yeah. It's nice.

Anyway, after that I had to go shopping to get my friend a birthday present and while I was doing that I saw a camel, just like on the street, giving rides I guess? It was strange. I went to my friend's birthday party and it was fun times. I didn't swim but there was apple pie and ice cream and lots and lots of laughing, oh my goodness. I was pretty sassy that day.

Then I came home and accidentally fell asleep for about an hour before my mom woke me up and I just went to bed for real at 8. I didn't even watch Doctor Who, I was so tired. I just hit the hay. Sleep, y'all, it's a wonderful thing. I got about 12 hours last night.

This morning I woke up and watched the Doctor Who from last night and then bummed around all day, sort of half-doing homework, half-...not. It rained all day today, which was lovely. I love it when it rains non-stop and I don't have to do anything and can just lay around in pajamas. It's bliss.

Now I really better go finish my Physics homework. Blehh. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a lovely week!


  1. "I was pretty sassy that day," WINS THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR AWARD.

  2. WHY DID I HAVE TO BE SICK GODDAMMIT I WANT TO SEE YOU BEING THE SASSMASTER FROM AUSTIN (doesn't have quite the same ring to it as the sassmaster from Doncaster). Anyways you saying "hahahaha get crunk" has made my life and if you ever said "haha smoke weed" I'm pretty sure I will leap with joy and bake you something.
    And of course I didn't kill you, I wouldn't kill anyone! Clearly I am a wonderful driver and not absolutely atrocious.

  3. You have a cake club? Okay, I'm moving to Texas. Even though the weather would be horrible forever and I wouldn't be able to move, CAKE CLUB.


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