Monday, September 10, 2012

happy monday (is not an oxymoron)

Today, for the first time in what seems like forever, the temperature dipped down into the 50s. I headed out to the track at six a.m. with my arms shivering and teeth chattering. Lesson learned -- tomorrow I will bring a jacket. Because, as someone put it, "anything below 70 is sweater weather".

It warmed up to the nineties by the afternoon, but I'm hoping the cool front will stay a bit. As uncomfortable as the cold can be, anything is a welcome respite after weeks of 100 degree weather. It means autumn is settling in. I love the arrival of new seasons because it's the most consistent and predictable kind of change. After being without something for nearly a year, whether it's cold weather or flip flops and shorts or being able to sing Christmas carols without being looked at like a crazy person, you start to crave it again, even if you get tired of it a few months later.

In other news...there isn't much other news, to be honest. Um, I got my hair cut last Thursday. It's just below my shoulders -- the shortest it's been in a long time -- but it's much more manageable this length. I don't want to speak too prematurely and have my words come back and bite me, but so far I'm liking junior year better than sophomore year and a lot better than freshman year. I don't even remember much of freshman year and that's probably because it wasn't that memorable at all. Last year was better, but I hope this year will be better still. I feel like I have things figured out a little more and I definitely feel more comfortable there. I'm a bit more involved and a bit more confident and it doesn't hurt that my classes aren't killing me (yet).

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but that's life and that's it. I suppose spending all day in the same place, doing roughly the same things, day after day, doesn't lend itself to many exciting stories.

I'm going to have to get more creative.

Not now, though. Now I think I'm going to go read.


  1. junior year was my favorite so far! I hope school keeps going well for you :)

  2. I want those shoes, just so you know.

  3. I'm in the equivalent of freshman year, except it's my fourth year in the same school, and my first of two hugely important GCSE years. So... it sucks, in all honesty. There is a lot of pressure, we are already beginning our assessments, I have forgotten so much over the summer and can't see myself remembering it. But then there are parts that are so ridiculously wonderful that I can't bear leaving.
    Eighteen months left.

  4. this line ought to be quoted: I love the arrival of new seasons because it's the most consistent and predictable kind of change.
    and I love your shoes, kendall.

  5. your shoes are freaking adorable, girl.
    also: i know what you mean about the weather. i went to workout this morning and i was actually cold! it's cooler today than it was yesterday, and i'm glad of that.
    so maybe, just maybe, it'll stay like this for the remainder of the actual summer season. i can't wait for officially autumn.

  6. 50 degrees? Super jealous. I love the title of this post. Very cute.

    1. Well, at 5:30 in the morning, haha. It's back to 90 by the time I walk home. :) And thanks!

  7. The photo really caught my eye. Love the shoes + leaves.

  8. I'm just ready for fall. tired of anything above 80 degrees. sweater weather is all I can think about.



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