Monday, December 26, 2011


Hey. I'm here in California where the climate is remarkably similar to that of home: that is, mildly cool with warm spots throughout the day, usually when I am wearing my heaviest coat. Ah, well, we haven't gone to the mountains yet. Right now I'm wearing the comfiest robe which I got for Christmas and listening to West Side Story in the background.

Christmas was nice. It wasn't hugely exciting, like the time my cousin set a napkin on fire at my grandparents' annual Christmas party, and it wasn't like last year where my grandma came home from the hospital on Christmas day. This side of the family is a little more low key. It's just my grandparents and occasionally my uncle or great-grandma, who will be 96 next month. We opened presents, went to church, and had a traditional meal of ham. I got a sketchbook, a 36 pack of Prismacolors, this robe, a scarf my grandparents picked up in Italy, some boots (that I returned today for ones that fit better), Barnes & Noble gift cards and some money, among other smaller things (gum! a compact mirror so I can stare at my reflection no matter where I am!). It seems like a lot more when I list it out like that. What did you get for Christmas?

Today we went to see Hugo which I enjoyed as I am quite enamored with all things French these days. Three out of the four books I got at the library were set in Paris and I don't think I'm done with this.
Oh, and yes, the notable absence of photos in this post is due to (what else?) my forgetful nature. As in, I left my camera cord at home. So I'll have to wait until I get home to upload any pictures. I don't like doing things too long after they happen, but I suppose there's nothing else to do.

Happy Boxing Day, guys...whatever that is.


  1. i know right? what in the world is boxing day? does it have to do with boxers or actual boxes? this is what google is for.
    anyway, congrats on your prismacolors and scarf and barnes + noble gift card because those are awesome, and your boots and your parisian obsession and everything else. this is a really awkward + rambly comment. i'm going to go now.
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: california is so awesome.}

  2. KENDALL. WHEN DO YOU GET BACK. PLEASE EMAIL ME. Because I texted you and I'm not doing anything for New Years so if you're back we should hang out, and see if Sydney is available.

  3. Apparently, Boxing Day started when the poor people of England opened their Christmas Box, which I think was a box of stuff rich people didn't want after Christmas? And now it's sales and football {soccer} and eating leftovers.
    And it's something to do with St Stephen too. The one that good king Wencelas looked at?
    History lesson over.
    I got a compact mirror too. And my grandma gave me make up & bath stuff. So clearly I smell?

  4. Scarf from Italy, sketchbook, and Prismacolors? Yes please!
    I can't wait to see your pictures! A post is so alone without them...

  5. I'm heading to California (DISNEY LAAAAND) in May to see my grandparents. I cannot wait and HAVE FUN while you're there! xo


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