Wednesday, December 07, 2011

tangerine dreams and peppermint tea

That's the current state of the union. The tangerine dream refers to my nail polish color. It looks less orange in real life. Also, I feel like I should inform you that I had peppermint tea tonight, but that is not what is in the picture. Otherwise I feel like a fraud.
I think my English teacher just Googles 'obscure words' and then gives us a quiz on them. I mean, penumbra? Nadir? That doesn't even sound like English. On the topic of school, I have two tests and a quiz tomorrow as well as another test and a quiz on Friday, plus my project for Drawing that I'm actually somewhat pleased with but nowhere near done with. Not to mention the fact that finals start next week. Eek.

So basically: I should be studying. Byesss.



  1. your posts are too cool. seriously.
    -jocee <3

  2. ohh your nails are pretty. mine are perpetually bitten. I'm working on growing them out so that I can wear the Hunger Games nail polish in March. ;)

    good luck with finals, love!

  3. I know how you feel...I really don't feel like studying. :P

    I love the color of that nail polish!

  4. LOVE that color, kendall!

  5. My nails are a chipped mess. I've been too lazy to repaint them but that colour is so pretty, it's reinspired me!
    And my Latin teacher is the same. He's like, "oh, what comes from the Latin word 'bellum'? It's so common," and we have no idea... "Bellicose, obviously!"

  6. Pretty pretty nail polish! Tangerine is the best shade of pretty much anything. Good luck on your finals- I'm very sure that you'll ace 'em all! Go Kendall!


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