Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas lights

Today we ate Thai food and looked at all the Christmas lights. It was cold and when we got home I had hot chocolate to warm up.

Yesterday I went to the library for the first time in months. I've just been so swamped with school that I've only been able to read a few books that people have sent me, and at a much slower pace than, say, over the summer. I'm happy to have some new reading material, though, and hopefully I'll be finished and can go again when I get home.

Tomorrow I leave for California for a week, where my maternal grandparents live. We'll be going up to the mountains for part of the time, where we would normally build snowmen and go skiing and snowshoeing and all that fun picturesque stuff. Only guess what? No snow. Yes, it was ONE degree Fahrenheit as of this morning, but there is no chance of snow predicted. ASDFJAKSDFASDFLJADFADSFJ! Freaking global warming and the freaking changing weather patterns. They had a bunch of snow in JUNE and now it's DECEMBER and there's no snow. So that sucks.

Buuut, it's Christmas. Maybe it's not a white Christmas, but hey, the wonder is still there. (Sorry the focus is's hard controlling that sort of stuff when your hands are so cold they're about to fall off.)

I really need to go pack now. Nine a.m. I come! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas if I don't stop by before.


  1. ONE degree? that's insane! you need snow!
    I love the pictures, especially those first two :)

  2. Great pics, Kendall! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  3. Brr, but SO WITH YOU on the Thai food! Yum! Hope you have a great flight!

  4. wait. like. legitly ONE degree? you don't live in texas? i'm so lost. you must live in the panhandle.
    and that first photo is just swoonworthy. seriously. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. love the pictures! global warming weather changes is making me angry too! we normally have a couple feet of snow by now where I live, and we've got nada at the moment!

  6. Hey, I went to California for Christmas, too! The only difference is that I'm here for two weeks, and I'm a little farther south in Bakersfield. :)

    Merry Christmas!! I love the bokeh! Hot chocolate is always wonderful after a cold walk outside.

  7. I hate global warming.
    But the christmas lights are gorgeous.

  8. Jocee: No, one degree where I'm going in California, in the mountains. That cold and they don't have snow. I live in Texas and it's cold but definitely not that cold, haha.

  9. I'm so jealous that you're going to California!
    My Aunt lives near San Diego and one of my sisters lives in Vacaville (up near san fran)!!

  10. It's okay, Kendall. I (ironically) haven't had a white Christmas since I lived in Tennessee! And, NOW I live farther north than I did back then! XD It's still really weird for me to not see snow on Christmas, especially since all my fondest memories of Christmas are from Maine. Every year there was snow on the ground...


  11. sounds like you're going to have an awesome Christmas regardless of the weather, but of course I firmly believe in Christmas miracles! Beautiful pictures. Merriest Christmas!

  12. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas despite the weather! ;) Merry Christmas!!

  13. Mother of God, that hot chocolate looks delicious. At least you don't live in Louisiana where you have no snow ever.

  14. the first two pictures are wildly beautiful.


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