Saturday, June 01, 2013

time it was, and what a time it was

There are three times a year when I deem it appropriate to fully indulge in my tendency to be extremely sentimental and nostalgic and reflect on the past several months or so. These are New Year's, my birthday, and the end of the school year. And so here we are again.

I have this spot on my desk where I've been keeping little mementos all year -- ticket stubs, programs, receipts, that sort of thing.

Since August I have collected:
  • ticket from my school's fall production of "Love's Labor's Lost" 
  • ACL program
  • receipt from Jason's Deli with cross country (w/ my name spelled wrong of course #classic)
  • photo booth pictures from Homecoming
  • little art cards from the East Austin Studio Tour
  • Regina Spektor concert ticket
  • tag from Secret Santa gift
  • fortune cookie that says, "The road to riches is paved with homework." 
  • "The Hobbit" movie ticket
  • receipt from that froyo place on South Congress we went that one day during spring break
  • receipt from P. Terry's the same day
  • Coffeehouse program 
  • Texas Relays ticket
  • Threadfair (student fashion show) program
Man, what a year it's been. It had its ups and downs obviously, but I think junior year was a pretty good year overall. I had a lot of fun times with some fun people and there were some not-so-fun times too but that's life and you've got to have a balance and I'm cool with it. I can't believe I'm almost a senior, and I can't believe all the seniors are about to graduate and leave, and ahh life. times. events. wow. So many things happened.

I've just got to write this paper and study for physics and then come Wednesday, school's out. I should go now before I get all emotional.

Ah, what a year it's been.


  1. I love all those nostalgic-crap-tickets-and-stubs. Love these posts.

    1. Thanks, Grace! You always leave the sweetest comments. :)


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