Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer snippets

wednesday. last (half) day of school. we went to magnolia for lunch and then to deep eddy for the first swim of the summer. later, we went back to Claudia's dad's apartment, sat on her bed eating mangos and carrots and oreos and listening to vampire weekend as the sun streamed in from the window. I just appreciate the aesthetics of those moments, you know? we spent the night at her house, watched classic last-day-of-junior-year movies such as high school musical 2 and dazed and confused, except the latter wasn't really working. that bet on it scene, though.

friday. first (unofficial) cross country practice of the summer. it felt super early but was actually the time I usually wake up for school. we ran around the lake, a trail I'm familiar with, and jumped in barton springs after. it was freezing and we screamed but you just have to do it. it's not the same otherwise. breakfast at magnolia afterwards with the team; it's ironic how I hadn't been there for years but I went memorial day weekend and twice this summer already. my friend drove me home and we blasted the radio and it occurred to me that this was my idea of a perfect morning.

saturday. went to bull creek to swim and explore. (pictures in previous post.) followed the water past painters, young people with dogs, kids in the water, families having barbecues while blasting the radio (I definitely heard thrift shop), more dogs, etc. found a lot of little spaces in the woods. the world is so beautiful.

monday. I watched amelie, you know, in preparation for france. once someone told me I looked like her in a certain picture and while I don't think that's necessarily true, I think there are other less physical commonalities. it's a good movie. (I don't think I've ever watched a movie set in paris that I didn't like.)

wednesday. I went to the library for the first time in weeks. months is more accurate, probably. I haven't read in a while. but I got four books, including the massive les miserables, keeping with the french theme, and I've already read one of them. it's ridiculous how excited new books and new running gear can make me.

today. I leave tomorrow and I need to pack. packing is my least favorite; I always unpack straight away when I get home, but somehow preparing is so much harder. the clothes just sit in messy piles on my floor until I absolutely must stuff them into a suitcase. I don't leave until seven tomorrow night, my procrastinating voice reminds me. that's, like, eons away. I know I need to do it. but I have a whole other list of things to do before I leave, and blogging is one them. (also: put new music on my iPod, go swimming, run a 5K, babysit. and also pack. oops.)

it's been summer for a week. I can't decide if it feels like more or less than that but I think I'm past the phase where I keep expecting to go back to school. the first few days were weird because the seniors were graduating and it was all so strange and out of place but now it feels more normal.

I've slipped into the predictable pattern of summer laziness, days consisting of little more than sleeping in, staying in pajamas all day, and reading/watching movies until late at night, rendering me semi-nocturnal. it's a routine that's okay for a few days but it gets old real fast. I get so dissatisfied with everything if I'm in the house too long with no plans. I need plans and adventures. so, yeah, I guess I'm ready to leave.

off to colorado on a mission trip for a week. see ya when I get home!*

*except I will literally not even be home for 24 hours before I leave again so actually we'll see about that


  1. thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog kendall, i really needed right then; it meant a lot to me.

  2. lovely blog you have here! so thrilled to have found you


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