Monday, May 27, 2013

countdown to summer

gotta love that 2 megapixel phone camera
Summer is so close that it almost feels like it's already here. The past few weeks have been filled with that aura of "almost summer," days that smell like sweat and sunscreen but are still partially clouded with looming thoughts of homework. New swimsuits, fun concerts, exploring (as seen above), and exciting plans... I love this time of year. The anticipation is almost better than the real thing, but I can't wait to be finished with work and finals for real. There are two more weeks of school -- well, one and a half -- and then it's officially my favorite season. I'm about 100% ready for everything except the goodbyes. But ain't that how it always goes.

I haven't really taken pictures since my field trip to Houston after spring break (and I never posted those either whoops) but I want to start getting into the habit again. That, and posting more. Summer will make this easier, I hope.

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  1. i feel u on all of this. ugh and there were FIREFLIES TONIGHT LIKE OH MYGOD I PHYSICALLY CANNOT ATTEND CLASS WHEN ITS FIREFLY SEASON #scientificfact



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