Saturday, May 11, 2013

estoy aquí

*cue that Shakira song* Yesterday's Spanish class was pretty great because all the sophomores and freshmen were gone for testing so it was just us juniors and we listened to music ranging from Shakira (started off vaguely related to Spanish) to Fall Out Boy. Good times.

Today I took the English AP, had a short break that consisted of running, literally, running upstairs to get breakfast tacos that I didn't even have time to eat until the next break, and then took the Statistics AP which didn't finish until 4:30, you know, an hour after school gets out. I don't really know how they went and I really don't want to think about it. I'm just going to focus on studying for APUSH because that's more my thing. #apushswag Three down, two to go. *takes a swig of whiskey* *if I drank whiskey*

Yeah, I guess that's a pretty accurate summation of my life lately. Studying and doing things to avoid studying. 'Tis the season.

Oh, did I tell you guys that a mere three days after I wrote my last post, I fell again? Oh, yeah. That happened. But it's okay. I got to go to the athletic trainer's and got all bandaged up and had another good "lol at my life" moment. My knees are pretty much healed by now -- not all the way, but it definitely doesn't hurt to walk anymore, which is a relief. The only thing that's changed is I triple-knot my shoelaces now. You just can't be too safe. Learn from my mistakes, children.

Other things:

As planned, I did not go to prom. Instead my friends & I had dinner at this Italian place and traipsed around town visiting different hotels ("breaking in" is kind of a harsh term when you can just so easily walk in through the lobby or through the gate by the pool, I mean really). I wanted to go to the roof because I just have this thing about wanting to go on roofs, especially downtown at night, but we couldn't find a way to make that happen, sadly. We did run into another high school's prom, though, and the people in charge or whatever thought we were students there. It was pretty funny and I think it would have been funnier if we had tried to go in.

Coffeehouse happened and it was wonderful per usual. Every year I just get so amazed at how talented everyone is and how fun it is and it's just one of the best events.

I did the Color Run last Saturday, as you can tell by my shirt if you can read backwards. It was pretty fun. I love running! (# things I thought I'd never say)

Right now I'm catching up on Parks and Rec and daydreaming about all of Sonic's new shakes. Half-off after 8 -- finally something else to look forward to in the summer! I don't really have a lot of plans for the break. I mean, besides traveling. Getting a job would be nice but it's hard when you're not home for the whole summer. So right now, I'm just looking forward to a lot of reading and cross country practice. And getting my license. And turning 17, but I don't know what I'm going to do about that since so many of my friends are going to be gone -- Elizabeth is going to Hawaii, Mayrose is going to the Dominican Republic, Sydney is going to China, Sarah's going to Germany, etc. (And yeah, before you start, I'm going to France but not for the whole summer.) I guess I'll just have to make new friends for the summer. Hahahaha.

It rained so much earlier this evening that I swore it was a hurricane. Thunder and lightning and everything. Cray. Oh, God, I just noticed it's after midnight. I'm actually really surprised I'm still awake because after those tests earlier I didn't think I would make it 5 minutes without falling asleep. But somehow I am here.

Just an update on my life so y'all know I'm still alive. How are you?


  1. did you just tell the story of my last few weeks or yours? literally the same. except i took apush last year(thank god. but really, you'll do fine!)and i only took the english exam yesterday. wasn't the color run the best thing ever? apparently they're having some trouble bringing it back to boston (the color got on some houses last time and people got mad...also crowds at a running event) but yeah i bet you loved it. okay well i'm you're adorable

  2. Aw, you're the cutest. ^.^ I love this post.


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