Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter weekend

I feel I've done a terrible job lately at making this space an accurate reflection of my life, which is sad because that's really my only goal here. That, and to share & connect with other people. It's not that I haven't been writing -- I write two or three pages almost every day in my journal -- and it's not that I haven't been taking pictures, either -- they're still on my camera. I just haven't really been blogging, or at least, not as much as I want to. And when you don't blog for a few weeks, there are things that inevitably slip between the cracks, and then suddenly there's too much to catch up on that you kind of have to let it all go because it's no longer relevant. I could list out things that have happened -- but when would I start? I have things from January I never talked about. I still have pictures from October I've never posted.

But I think it's easiest if I just start with this weekend.

Friday I went shopping & got these new pants pictured below, as well as a shirt and some other stuff. They're a lot more comfortable than jeans. I also went to Texas Relays to see some people from my team run because that's what I do with my free time now apparently? Anyway, that was cool.

Saturday I helped out at an Easter egg hunt at the farmer's market downtown and then went to Deborah's birthday tea party, where we watched this hilariously strange Japanese movie and ate way too many delicious homemade sweets. I drove there and back and driving doesn't really freak me out anymore, but I still need to practice a lot. I still would like my license right now, though. That evening I went running with Claudia, because running is a lot better with other people. I definitely don't hate running as much as I used to (you should read some of my old posts; real gems there) but it's still my least favorite part about track/cross-country, which I love. Go figure. Yeah, but anyway, 45 minutes goes by much quicker when you have someone to talk to, and run through sprinklers with (it's that time of year).

Today we went to church and then had a brunch and I mostly caught up on homework I'd put off earlier. Incidentally, work/homework is my least favorite part of school. I just want to go to have fun, right? And they're like, read all these chapters and answer all these questions and write all these essays. Nah, man. I just want to make friends. I just want to paint a little and eat cake balls and watch the seniors nearly kill each other playing assassins during passing period. That's what I'm here for. Just so we're clear on that.

Lately I've been watching Gossip Girl when I have the time and listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, and Noah and the Whale. It sounds like spring in my ears. And it feels like spring outside.

Happy Easter! (Yeah, we still have a pumpkin from Halloween...)


  1. Despite what you say, your blog is still one of the most honest-feeling that I read. That's something to be proud of.

  2. Kendall you're one of my favorite-est people ever and I really love you and your blog and everything else about you k bye.


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